'NCIS' Season 16 Finale: Diane Returns To Face Gibbs

Diane, Gibbs' late wife, will return to "NCIS" Season 16 Finale.
Diane, Gibbs' late wife, will return to "NCIS" Season 16 Finale. (Photo: NCIS/Facebook)

Warning: This article contains spoilers for NCIS Season 16 Finale, titled "Daughters," that may spoil your enjoyment in discovering its plotlines. Read at your own risk.

A lot of surprising events are about to happen in NCIS Season 16 Finale. After the revelations that say Ziva (Cote de Pablo) is still alive, Diane (Melinda McGraw), Gibbs' (Mark Harmon) late wife, will return to Episode 24. But as everyone knows that the late criminal investigator is already dead, how can that happen?

In NCIS Season 16 Finale trailer, Diane is brought back to life to face Gibbs. McGraw's character already died in Season 12 after she got shot in the head. So, isn't she dead after all?

Diane surprisingly appears on Gibbs' doorstep that gives the fright of his life. "This is not happening," he said. "A question you really have to ask yourself is what's happening?" Diane responded.

The past seems to be haunting Gibbs in NCIS Season 16 Finale. After he confessed to his team that he killed the man who murdered his wife and daughter, he felt guilty that he wanted to turn himself to the police.

The penultimate episode, "Lost Time," set up the stage for NCIS Season 16 Finale. Vance (Rocky Carroll) stopped Gibbs when he was about to leave the office to tell him he needed to go to the Mercy Point Hospital as soon as possible to see Fornell (Joe Spano), who was also Diane's former husband, per TV Insider.

However, it was not Fornell who was admitted but he and Diane's daughter, Emily (Juliette Angelo), who overdosed on an opiate. Fornell begged Gibbs to do everything to take down the drug dealers and suppliers who were responsible for what happened to Emily.

However, Gibbs was left haunted by his personal problems because of the case and his history with vigilante justice. Diane's appearance might be an apparition to remind Gibbs of what he needs to do, as she asked, "what's happening?"

Aside from Diane, there are also rumors Ziva, who is also believed to be dead, will return. Will it finally happen in NCIS Season 16 Finale?

According to Metro News, the show confirmed back in February that Ziva didn't actually die and would be coming back to the series after nearly six years. Her comeback was even revealed on the teasers at the Super Bowl 2019.

"You thought her story was over," the trailer teased. "Now, the biggest NCIS secret will be revealed." So, fans have to wait and see if Ziva will also appear in NCIS Season 16 Finale, which will be out on Tuesday, May 21, 8/7c on CBS.

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