Elementary Season 7 on CBS
The final season of "Elementary" is now a few days away. How will the show begin? (Photo: ElementaryCBS/Facebook)

Read At Your Own Risk: This article may contain possible spoilers for Elementary Season 6.

In less than a week now, Elementary Season 7 is finally arriving on CBS. And everyone is very eager, as of the moment, to learn what will happen next to Sherlock and Dr. Joan Watson considering that the previous season is supposed to be the finale of the show.

As you may know, Elementary Season 6 was set to be the final season of the Robert Doherty procedural series. This is why the sixth season finale of the show concluded with no cliffhangers. In fact, one would consider it as a happy ending for everyone in the plot, especially for Sherlock and Dr. Watson.

Although forced to leave their base from New York, their arrival in London offered them new opportunities to start over. And it can be easily speculated that the two characters have been spending a great time in London after the events of the sixth season.

But just a month after the premiere of Elementary Season 6, CBS ordered another season for the show. So while it is good news for everyone, the series renewal has become a real challenge for the production. Even so, Robert Doherty is hopeful that he could deliver a much better ending than what they offered to the audience on the previous season.

Accordingly, it is very likely that Elementary Season 7 will kick-off in a whole new environment. And as it appears, Sherlock and Dr. Watson's final journey will begin in London where the traditional Sherlock stories are apparently based.

It is very important to note that the previous seasons are all based in New York. Hence, there will be surely a huge twist that will happen in the early episodes that will bring Gregson and Bell to London or Sherlock and Watson back to New York. But whatever the case, a reunion between these two parties will surely happen as the plot of the final season progresses.

There is not much revelation given about the first episode of Elementary Season 7 except for the hints on the synopsis that Dr. Watson is now becoming so much more homesick for New York. Even so, a new case in London about an acid attack that caused a possible demise of a popular model will lead Sherlock and Watson again on a new interesting and mind-boggling journey.

Elementary Season 7 Episode 1 titled, The Further Adventures, is set to arrive on May 23, on CBS.