'Baarish' Season 2 Might Receive Renewal As Series Tops Next To 'Sacred Games' Per Reports

Baarish on ALT Balaji
The pilot season of "Baarish" received positive reception from its audience and viewers. (Photo: ALTBalaji/Facebook)

Indian films and series are becoming more popular these days. With their increasing demand and positive receptions from their audience across the globe, it is not surprising at all as to why the number of Indian and Hindi series and film materials is quite increasing these days.

As you may know, Sacred Games has become one of today's series favorites of many people. And as it appears, the audience is not only focused on Indians alone. People from all over the world are becoming more attracted to several Indian series in recent years.

However, most of these series materials revolve around fantasy and action. This is why ALT Balaji sought the need to release a much newer theme in their materials.

ALT Balaji launched recently a new web series called Baarish - When You Are In Mood For Romance. It is a Hindi romantic comedy-drama series developed by Ekta Kapoor for the streaming platform.

Upon its release on April 25 of this year, many have already noticed that Baarish is changing the face of the Indian web series industry. This is in consideration of the fact that there is an apparent scarcity on love stories and romantic themes on the platform. And so much more to the cultural and economic background of these materials.

So, when Baarish offered these factors to their plots and storylines, the audience immediately saw the gem that is beneath the romantic drama series.

According to reports and reviews, the fanbase of the series is getting stronger than the first time Baarish premiered on ALT Balaji. And right now, many are wondering if the streaming platform will renew the said series.

Unfortunately, there are no new updates yet about its renewal status. Besides, it is still too early to tell since it has been only a month ago when the pilot season premiered.

Even so, a lot of people today, including the cast and production, are hopeful that the network will give their green light for the next installment of the series. And if that happens in the following months, then it is likely that a new season will be offered in the early months of 2020.

For now, the audience may rewatch the pilot season on the platform while waiting for renewal announcements. But all in all, the series will possibly get renewed for a new season since the reports suggest that next to Sacred Games, Baarish is seen as the best Hindi web series of today.

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