'Good Omens' Official Trailer Drops, Pilot Season Premieres Soon On Amazon Prime

Good Omens on Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime is about to release "Good Omens" Season 1 this May. (Photo: goodomensprime/Facebook)

Amazon Prime is becoming more competitive when it comes to its material offerings. There will be tons of pilot season premieres this year on the platform. And one of which is the adaptation of the popular 1970 Neil Gaiman novel of the similar title, Good Omens.

The novel's complete title is Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch. And along with Neil Gaiman, the novel is co-authored by Terry Pratchett.

The two authors will create the adaptation of the novel. Along with BBC Two and Amazon Prime, they altogether co-produce the upcoming series.

As early as 2011, there were already reports that an adaptation is on its way to production. But it is only in 2017 that Amazon Video gave the green light to the pilot season of Good Omens.

Earlier this year, the first short teaser for the pilot season was dropped by the streaming platform. And based on the reception, Good Omens has become one of the most-awaited series materials in their offerings. Although several reports claim that the series will make an entrance in the middle of the year, it is only recently that the premiere date is confirmed.

As it appears, Good Omens is set to premiere on the last day of Spring season. Along with its premiere date, the official trailer was also dropped earlier this week.

According to critics, the fans of the novel became so much more excited upon seeing the official trailer. But while everyone is already eager about its arrival, many have noticed that the pilot season will only house a total of six hour-long episodes. And this caused a lot of questions since it seemingly appears to have a very short span of storytelling.

The title of the episodes is also revealed after the release of the teasers and trailers. And from its pilot episode up to the first season finale, the titles are as follows: In the Beginning, The Book, Hard Times, Saturday Morning Funtime, The Doomsday Option, and The Very Last Day Of The Rest Of Their Lives.

As for the cast, Michael Sheen and David Tennant will serve as the lead actors who play the roles of Aziraphale and Crowley. The plot will follow their characters as the angel and demon who are living on Earth since the beginning of time.

And since the prophecies foretold that the antichrist will rise in the present age, the two will seek to prevent this from happening, along with the final battle between heaven and hell.

Good Omens will arrive on May 31, on Amazon. The series will also follow a weekly release of episodes on BBC Two.

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