'The Enemy Within' Season 1 Finale Reveals Season 2 Plot With New Big Bad

The Enemy Within
Jennifer Carpenter leads the cast of "The Enemy Within" on NBC. (Photo: NBCEnemyWithin/Facebook)

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for The Enemy Within season 1 finale that may influence your enjoyment in discovering the plotlines. Read at your own risk.

The Enemy Within season 1 finale has unlocked a new potential big bad. If the show receives a renewal from NBC, then it looks like this is where next season's story would be going. 

The only problem is the identity of the new villain for The Enemy Within season 2 is still unknown. NBC will also likely not yet reveal this detail pending the show's renewal status.

The Enemy Within season 1 finale, which aired on Monday, May 20, at 10:00 p.m., had viewers slightly confused by the behavior of Shepherd (played by Jennifer Carpenter). Initially, it looked like she was playing for the bad guys when she shot Agent Keaton (played by Morris Chestnut) on the leg. 

It turned out, however, that she intentionally and carefully did this to distract Tal (played by Lev Gorn) and not harm her CIA partner. When the terrorist had his guard down, Shepherd and the other agents swooped in for the kill. 

Now that Tal is dead in The Enemy Within season 1 finale, it looks like Shephard's troubles are over, and her working relationship with Keaton also seems to be on the mend.  He asked her to join their other counterterrorism missions, which should open more plot and stories for The Enemy Within season 2. 

Keaton, however, had one special request from Shepherd, should she decide to be on board. He asked her not to keep any secrets anymore if they have to move forward and work together.

But Shepherd is already keeping something from Keaton in The Enemy Within season 1 finale. Before Tal died, he was able to tell her that someone with a higher authority than him is still inside the CIA. 

NBC has been keeping The Enemy Within season 1 in the bubble along with another freshman series, The Village. According to TV Series Finale, the show has been garnering a weekly rating of 4.4 million viewers a week, and it's one of the network's Top 10 new scripted series. 

These numbers, however, should bid well for The Enemy Within. On social media, on the other hand, there are strong indications that the audience is slowly finding out about the series. 

The Enemy Within was a mid-season addition to NBC. Apart from Carpenter and Chestnut, the show also stars Raza Jaffrey (as Daniel Zain), Kelli Garner (as Kate Ryan), Cassandra Freeman (as Jacqueline Pettigrew) and Noah Mills (as Jason Braggs).

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