AMD Radeon Navi GPUs Found in Leaked Benchmarks of AOTS and 3DMark

AMD Navi GPU Q3 2019 Release Confirmed: Details Revealed So Far
AMD has confirmed that its 7nm next-generation GPU, codenamed Navi, will launch in the third quarter of 2019. The company said Navi will retail cheaper compared to the Radeon VII cards. (Photo: Photo: AMD /YouTube)

After much speculation, the much-awaited next generation AMD Radeon Navi graphics cards finally have a release window. Indicators of the popular GPUs imminent release continuously blink as a sign that it is closer than what many expected. Just recently, leaked benchmarks of the famed graphics cards from Radeon are found on the 3D Mark and "Ashes of Singularity." Serial leaker TUM_APISAK shared on his social media account the most recent benchmarks, which appeared to be the early specifications of the highly-anticipated graphics cards.

731F: C1

It appeared that one of the variants of the AMD Radeon Navi GPUS found on 3DMark has a device ID 731F: C1. The Graphics card has 8 gigabytes of memory clocked in at 1250 MHz. Its clock speed rate is at 1000 MHz. many tech geeks speculate that the 731F: C1 is the famed GDDR5. If this is the case, it means that it has 5 GHz clock speed, which is a bit low for a variant that is 256-bit.

Others speculate that the 731F: C1 is GDDR6 memory interface, which is believed to have a clock speed of 10 GHz. If this is the case, it would mean that the graphics card has a total of 320 GB per second bandwidth, which is much higher compared to the company's current flagship RX 590 with 256 GB per second. The benchmark did not reveal other details, but it is apparent that like other AMD graphic cards in the past, the final AMD Radeon Navi GPU clocks would be definitely higher than 1 GHz.


The other rumored AMD Radeon Navi graphics card found on the "Ashes of Singularity" benchmark has a device ID 7310:00. While there are no specs mentioned in the "AOTS," this is the same model spotted in the GFXbench several months earlier with a 1520 Frames score or 23.6 FPS in the benchmark section of Aztec Ruins High Tier. It also scored 54.9 FPS or 3404 frames in the benchmark section of Manhattan.

Comparing the score of one of the AMD Radeon Navi graphics cards with the competition, the 60 FPS limit in Manhattan benchmark is also hit by other GPUs and even older models like the GTX 960. But, the rumored benchmark found on the "AOTS" failed hit the 60 FPS mark. It also has low performance in the benchmark of Aztec Ruins. Speculators claim that this could be an early sample test that comes with an unoptimized driver.

Release Window

AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su announced the Q3 2019 release window of AMD Radeon Navi graphics cards. This means that the highly-anticipated next generation GPUs are slated to be available between July and September 2019. The popular CEO also announced that the upcoming GPU architecture would be positioned under the Vega-based Radeon VII.

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