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Fans are getting impatient, but the excitement for GTA 6 is too strong to stay grumpy. (Photo: Rockstar Games/YouTube)

Popular Twitch Streamer and "GTA V RP" player Summit1g could be calling time on his journey in the sensational title. This is the recent observation of the fans who recently noticed the streamer's comment in one of his live feed. He mentioned that he is in full You Only Live Once mode and that he is worried that he might not be able to do some cool things that he wants to do.

Sharing his thoughts while streaming while going into the in-game apartment of his character in "GTA V RP," Summit1g said that he is not yet sure at the moment, but he feels like the end is really near for the game. He added that there is a chance he might leave the mod title for good. Last month, the Twitch streamer abruptly quit out of the game, telling his 3.8 million followers on the live streaming video platform that he did feel like doing anything.

Some of his followers aired their sentiments, wondering how much longer he would keep his interest in "GTA V RP." From his personal comments, it appears that the popular mod title is not going to disappear from Summit1g's popular streams just yet. It is most likely that followers might see him try out some other things given his recent comments about other titles.

In January, Summit1g increased the fanbase of the title "Sea of Thieves" through his sailorly pranks; he has also streamed "Mordhau" and "Counter-Strike Global Offensive." "GTA V RP" has been a prominent feature of the Twitch streamer's live feeds in the past several months. It is not too surprising if he is beginning to feel a little dissatisfied or bored of the game. Over time, high-octane heists, explosions, and car chases sometimes leave players wanting something more.

The "GTA V RP" community is known for its hilarious misadventures and drama between its players. However, the death of the Brazilian Twitch streamer and YouTuber Thiago Guilherme has revealed a different side of the player base. Popularly known in the live streaming video platform as Futebolista, Thiago tragically died at a very young age of 16. His death followed after several days of being hospitalized.

The YouTuber and Twitch streamer reportedly suffered from a health condition that impacted his muscles. Before he passed away, Futebolista hoped to reach the 100,000 subscribers mark on his YouTube channel. Member of the Brazilian "GTA V RP" started their campaign to aid the young player in achieving his goal online. However, that is not the only tribute they gave to the YouTuber.

Upon receiving the news of his passing, the community on Futebolista's server came out in flock in a moving tribute to the young Twitch streamer. They garbed their characters in black and walked in groups down the streets with their hands showing peace signs. One streamer even sang a version of Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah."