Blockchain The Go-To Tech For Startups According To Experts

Bernard Schroeder, educational director of entrepreneur programs at San Diego State, recently said that investors and people interested in startups should instead shift focus on the blockchain rather than bitcoin. CCN cited a report from Forbes where Schroeder pointed out bitcoin's many shortcomings, making it an investment tool with too much volatility to be safe.

Schroeder explained in an editorial that bitcoin can be classified as "speculative investment." He insisted that it may or may not work out in the long term.

However, he offered a welcome alternative--blockchain, which he pointed out is a "serious technology" and the research of which may work out if one has the will to see it until its completion.

The educational director clearly believed in what he said, and added a few more gems. He also added that the "real potential" for blockchain technology will shine through, depending on the companies who use it. He said that it will eventually emerge through the companies who invest in the time and the effort to research its different applications on technology.

In Italy, blockchain startups have driven a point that Schroeder is trying to make. Italian blockchain startups have, in fact, began to use their resources to help in the country's agriculture.

A sector known for the difficulty in finding credit and lacking the needed technology, Coin Idol reported that the blockchain startup partnership had begun to help change the sector's future.

Most of the snags that these projects have met with included ready access to credit sources as well as accessing knowledge database meant to better their services. That they have a lack of access to margins that show how their agrifood supply chain is doing is not doing wonders for them as well. The technology aims to make their services better.

Blockchain, due to its transparency, was also seen as an aid to stop corruption and to deliver better services. There is also study into using it to combat illicit activities such as drug trafficking and supporting real, genuine change. A lot of governments have said that blockchain could be used to upgrade their current systems.

The blockchain industry will continue to grow as more and more sectors become reliant on it. Real estate has started exploring how to use blockchain for transactions. Governments have lauded its efficiency as well. Perhaps, in the near future, more and more industries will consider building their platforms and conducting their business on the blockchain.

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