'Steven Universe' Season 6 Possibly Delayed In Favor Of Animated Movie

'Steven Universe: Change Your Mind'
(Photo: Cartoon Network/YouTube)

There is little doubt that people already waiting for Steven Universe Season 6 although the previous season has just concluded in January. However, there is a possibility that the sixth season might not premiere any time soon. New speculations point out that the series will be pushed aside in favor of Steven Universe: The Movie.

Although Cartoon Network has yet to renew the animated series, fans are already looking forward to Steven Universe Season 6. Some believe that Steven's story is far from over despite the events in Change Your Mind where all the characters found some form of closure.

So what exactly could Steven Universe Season 6 be about? Fans have cited creator Rebecca Sugar for revealing that Lars is capable of creating portals just like Lion and that the power could be explored in the future. Naturally, some people believe that this could happen in the sixth season. However, it is important to point out that Sugar did not indicate that Lars' abilities will be explored in the series or the movie.

Zach Callison may have also teased on what people can look forward to in Steven Universe Season 6. The voice actor recently spoke about being excited about the new storyline in the series.

"There's something really special going on right now, and it caught me by surprise," Callison said. "And, yeah, I really shouldn't be running my mouth about this, but yeah, it's something very special, like, and personal to me, regarding the show."

Fans were quick to notice that Callison mentioned "the show" instead of "the movie" which may have been indicative that he is still recording for the series. However, some people also pointed out that Callison may have been confused about which project he is currently working on.

What are the chances that Steven Universe Season 6 will be announced soon? It might be pretty slim considering that there have been no updates on the show's production. However, Cartoon Network appears to be eager to pursue the movie quite soon.

Steven Universe: The Movie was announced at the San Diego Comic-Con back in July 2018 and is already expected to premiere on Cartoon Network by late 2019. There is a possibility that the network is intent on promoting the movie before confirming the renewal of the series.

For now, Cartoon Network has yet to confirm or deny that Steven Universe Season 6 is in the works. Nevertheless, the series could be renewed soon after the premiere of Steven Universe: The Movie.

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