Taylor Swift: 'TS7' Era Begins, 'ME!' Artist Devises Genius Plan To Reach Top Charts And Break Records

Taylor Swift
Gone are the days when scaley snakes and bloody red themes are prevalent as Taylor Swift brilliantly introduces the "TS7" era. (Photo: TaylorSwift/Facebook)

It has been almost a month now ever since Taylor Swift introduced the new era of her career. Before the month April ends, the popular country-pop artist dropped her latest single titled, ME!, with a bang.

Although most of her fans thought that she would be releasing her new album, having the lead-off single of the so-called TS7 already quenched the thirst.

According to Taylor Swift, ME! is the frontrunner of her upcoming album. And this new single will speak volume as to how the new album will appear to the public - vibrant, joyful, colorful, and light. Unlike the tracks and themes of her previous album, Reputation, TS7 will shift the era of her career from an all-new perspective, taste, and vibe.

The idea of a total change has become a great stepping stone already that struck the interest and curiosity of many people. This has become one of the reasons why ME! was able to break several records. And without a doubt, ME! became a phenomenal hit in a very short period.

As expected, Taylor Swift has been known to produce some of the brilliant and hit tracks in recent years. And whatever the era or theme she intends to bring out, her songs and music always capture the taste of many.

While many are already seeing ME! and TS7 as new achievements for the Look What You Made Me Do artist, it seemingly appears that Taylor Swift planned this all along.

As you may know, Taylor is so much down for playing games with her fans. And using games, she loves to give out hints and clues to her fans about her career movements. Whether it may be a new song or a new album, she always delivers to give "Easter eggs" for a quick hunt.

Although she is already known to manage this kind of entertainment, it looks like Taylor Swift is utilizing these "Easter eggs" of hers to further capitalize TS7 and ME!. And this is a very brilliant and genius plan.

Based on her latest interviews, she revealed that the title of her next single and the name of her upcoming album are all hinted in ME!'s music video. Along with these details, other things that play huge roles to TS7 are also included in the video.

It only makes sense though as to why these Easter eggs are very much marketed these days. As it appears, it caused many fans to keep track of ME! and its music video. So, repeating and replaying the video has become a very natural thing recently just to look for the hints and clues that she "hid" beneath the song.

And because of the eagerness to look for these "Easter eggs," it helps her latest single and her album to produce much noise in the industry. Accordingly, the hype is built up, which makes this "Easter egg" hunt a very brilliant plan all along.

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