Doctor Strange 2
Disney's three yet-to-be-revealed Marvel films possibly include "Doctor Strange 2." (Photo: DoctorStrangeOfficial/Facebook)

Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Avengers: Endgame and Avengers: Infinity Wars.

Doctor Strange is alive and the possibility of having a sequel to one of Marvel's top films, Doctor Strange, is now a reality.

As you may know, the likelihood of a sequel to the first film had become impossible when Avengers: Infinity Wars concluded. And based on the words of Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays the role of Doctor Strange, a sequel might be impossible since he turned into "dust" at the end of the Infinity Wars.

But things have changed recently when Ant-Man along with the other Avengers found a way to travel back in time when everyone is still alive in the course of the Endgame. Hence, Doctor Strange 2 is now sealed considering that the character is alive and well when Endgame concluded.

As of the moment, there are no new updates about the said sequel. But since it has been already revealed that Disney reserved three slots for Marvel in 2020, there are already speculations and theories that one of these films will include Doctor Strange 2. There are already dates for these slots - one in May and one in November. As for the third date, no further details have been shared yet.

Even so, the Marvel fandom had already concluded what these three films would be. Black Widow, in consideration to the fact that the character met her demise in the recent Avengers film, Marvel Studios' Eternals to which Angelina Jolie is reportedly starring, and Doctor Strange 2.

It is also worth noting that the director of the film, Scott Derrickson, already shared his ideas about the possible villains of the sequel with Digital Spy. He revealed things about the infamous Nightmare Realm whom he likes to be included in his films.

As it happened, he unveiled that he planned on having Nightmare Realm during the first film. But he, later on, dropped the idea since it will be to complex considering that Nightmare Realm is residing in a parallel dimension.

Even so, he believes that the idea of the character is very cool. Accordingly, fans are very firm that this will be the new villain when Doctor Strange 2 arrives in theaters.

As for Mordo, the first film largely set up the platform for his possible comeback as a villain. Nevertheless, many still believe that while he would become an antagonist in the course of the storyline, he would not become the ultimate villain that Doctor Strange will face in the future.