'Riverdale' Season 4 Spoilers: What Happened To Jughead?

Others believe Jughead is not really dead and "Riverdale" season 4 would probably be like a "How to Get Away with Murder" style. (Photo: Riverdale/Facebook)

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Riverdale season 3. Read risk at your own risk.

The third season of Riverdale just recently ended, but there are so many questions left hanging there. The most bizarre thing that happened on the season finale is when it featured Betty, Veronica, and Archie, who's holding Jughead's beanie. What happened to him? That would likely be answered in Riverdale season 4.

The renewal of Riverdale for the fourth season has been announced earlier this year, though the production remained up in the air right now. No one is sure what will happen next, but the ending of the previous season hints there's a major twist and turn, leaving more questions that needed to be answered.

In Riverdale season 3, the identity of the Gargoyle King was finally revealed. However, the identity of the original Gargoyle King - the one on the ascension night - was not revealed. Another question is, what happened to the Farm? They are planning to ascend during the season finale, while it was never shown what Edgar did there, Kevin witnessed everything, and he seemed sad and upset because he had to stay.

Perhaps, the good thing happened in season 3 finale is that the Black Hood was taken down for good, and Alice isn't insane, and she's working with the FBI. Plus, it was revealed that the FBI agent is Charles - Betty and Jughead's, half-brother. Many were shocked when they found out he is alive, but how did he and Alice meet? And when they started working together?

However, the major question is what happened to Jughead? In the last few minutes of the season 3 finale, Betty, Veronica, and Archie are standing in front of a fire, half-naked and covered with blood while the latter is holding Jughead's beanie. The trio agreed they will destroy the evidence, will finish school, and go on separate ways. Why isn't he in the scene? Is he dead?

But, others believe Jughead is not dead and Riverdale season 4 would probably be like a How to Get Away with Murder style. Even though the series becomes darker in every season, it would be odd to kill one of the four main characters; especially since a lot of Riverdale fans love Cole Sprouse's character.

Meanwhile, the release date of Riverdale season 4 was not yet announced, but it will reportedly stick with its fall lineup and will remain in the same time slot. The first and second season both premiered in 2017, while the third installment aired in October 2018, so if the series follows this pattern, fans can expect the arrival of the fourth season in October 2019.

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