Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott Join Other Celebrities Against The New Anti-Abortion Bill In Some US States

Jenner-Webster Family
Kylie Jenner wants more kids with Travis Scott. (Photo: kyliejenner/Instagram)

Kylie Jenner shares a common interest with Travis Scott as they openly support anti-abortion bills that are threatening some US states like Alabama, including Ohio, Missouri, and Georgia. Abortion legalities are already going on with provisions for sexually abused women and some health hazards for women.

However, an Alabama Human Life Protection Act was the recently created bill for many supporters as this legislation stands as a powerful testament to Alabamians' deeply held belief that every life is precious & that every life is a sacred gift from God.

While this bill has already enraged a lot of concerned citizens especially because of it outlawing virtually all abortions in the state, with no exceptions for rape or incest. Unfortunately, it is still a rampant transgression against women as they are forced to carry a product of crime and hatred.

Celebrities like Lady Gaga shared her sentiments that apparently there is a "higher penalty for doctors who will perform these operations than for most rapist."

Not only Reese Witherspoon, who was upset with the bill, the Legally Blonde star considers it "unconstitutional and abhorrent; an attack on women's fundamental rights, with her award-winning artist Rihanna, wanted her followers to know who are the politicians supported the bill. With that, Kylie Jenner's hubby made a move to donate all the merchandise profits from his recent concert - which happened to take place in Alabama - to various Planned Parenthoods.

The reality star shared on her Instagram the brave effort made by Travis Scott as she fully supports the "women of Alabama" and puts on some heart emojis on her post.

Travis Scott said on his Alabama show last Friday, "I want to just donate my net profits from my merch today to Planned Parenthood...We feel for those out in Alabama. I love y'all. I just wanted you to know that love is the strongest feeling we have." The father of one and his make-up mogul partner are getting ready for baby number two for next year and together, they do intend to have more children like the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

However, it has always been the right of every woman to have her own choice and decision in terms of childbearing and parenthood.

The Hangout festival took place over the weekend, just days after Alabama governor Kay Ivey signed into law the most restrictive abortion ban in the country, punishing doctors who perform abortions with life in prison. Under the new law, abortion will only be allowed, "to avoid a serious health risk to the unborn child's mother," or if the 'unborn child has a lethal anomaly,' according to CNN.

The state also shut down an amendment for an exemption for cases of rape and incest, as the new law aims to challenge the 1973 Roe V. Wade ruling that legalized abortions in all 50 states.

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