Starbucks Denied Exposing Customers To Toxic Chemicals

(Photo: REUTERS/Mike Blake)

Starbucks customers have banded together and sued the coffee shop chain for allegedly putting their lives at risk. It was revealed that the establishment has been using toxic pesticides in stores located in Manhattan and this practice exposes the people to the dangers of chemical contamination.  

According to NBC News, so far, at least two class action lawsuits were filed against Starbucks. One of these cases was filed by customers who stated they were exposed to Dichlorvos or DDVP ( 2,2-dichlorovinyl dimethyl phosphate), which is highly poisonous that is why it is not allowed to be used in areas near food and people.

It was written in the complaint documents that DDVP is an active ingredient that is released into the air by the product called "No-Pest Strips."

The plaintiffs also pointed out that such pest control aid is only intended to be used in unoccupied structures and cannot be utilized where there are people or in places where the strips can come in contact with food and drinks. They added that the label on the pesticide also has a warning note that was apparently disregarded.

"Starbucks has intentionally and wantonly exposed its customers to toxic chemicals with a complete disregard for the impact on their customers' health," the plaintiffs said in the suit filed on Tuesday at the New York State Supreme Court.

In response to the lawsuit, Starbucks denied the allegations and firmly insisted that the lawsuits were only filed by the plaintiffs in an attempt to ruin the name of the world-famous coffee shop. The company's spokesperson, Reggie Borges, said that the cases lack merit and were filed for financial gains as well. He added that Starbucks takes great care to "ensure the safety of customers and employees."

Furthermore, Starbucks reiterated that all of its stores follow safety guidelines that were approved and strictly implemented. The coffee beverage retailer added that they do not sell food products that are in display cases so they are sure that they no customer was ever exposed to any health risks inside their coffee shops.

Finally, Starbucks released its official statement regarding the accusations and as shared on ABC 7 News, it reads:

"The lawsuits filed by the plaintiffs and their attorneys lack merit and are an attempt to incite public fear for their own financial gain. We go to great length to ensure the safety of our partners and customers, and we are confident they have not been put at risk. Starbucks takes the concerns of its partners very seriously and does not take action or retaliate against partners who express them."

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