'Chicago Fire' Season 7 Episode 22 Spoilers: Will Casey Finally Make A Move On Brett?

Sylvie Brett and Matt Casey in 'Chicago Fire' Season 7.
(Photo: NBC/YouTube)

Anyone who has seen Chicago Fire Season 7 is well aware that Sylvie Brett has a thing for Matt Casey. However, the Truck 81 captain hasn't exactly been showing signs that he feels the same way for his ex-wife's former best friend. But is it possible that thing will change in the upcoming season finale? There are speculations that Casey might finally make a move on Brett in Chicago Fire Season 7 Episode 22.

A sneak peek from the Chicago Fire Season 7 finale actually hinted at what could happen in 'I'm Not Leaving You'. The clip shows Casey keeping a little boy company at a hospital. The adorable scene wasn't lost on Brett who immediately complimented Casey for being so cool with the child. Not surprisingly, Emily Foster picks up on Brett's obvious interest in the captain and tries to get the paramedic to "jump him already."

The scene concludes with Brett stating that she doesn't want to make the first move since she isn't sure if the feeling is mutual. After all, things could get complicated considering their past. Casey was actually married to Brett's best friend Gabriela Dawson. In addition to that, Brett was in a relationship with Dawson's brother Antonio. Needless to say, their possible relationship could get messy pretty fast if they ever get together in Chicago Fire Season 7.

It's almost certain that fans are hoping Brett will make a move on Casey in the season finale. But what if it happens the other way around? Some believe that Casey might be hiding his true feelings for Brett but something could happen in Chicago Fire Season 7 Episode 22 that will push him to pursue Brett. Either way, it would be a welcome idea for fans who are hoping that Cassette will finally happen this season.

The relationship between Brett and Casey would be awesome. However, the synopsis for 'I'm Not Leaving You' hints at something else happening to the paramedic. Check it out below.

"Unexpected news has Brett pondering a big decision. Severide continues to investigate the arson case and pandemonium breaks loose in the season finale."

It certainly sounds like Chicago Fire Season 7 Episode 22 will be intense. Series creator Derek Haas has previously teased on the season finale being "a rough one" and even went as far to say that it is "one of the biggest ones we've ever done."

Chicago Fire Season 7 Episode 22 will air on NBC on May 22.

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