Major Leak Concerning Details of 'Final Fantasy VII Remake' Surfaced, Demo To Launch on E3

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If the recent leak is accurate, it appears that "Final Fantasy VII Remake" will have two parts with the first part picking up the ending of the original title's first disc. With Square Enix attendance in the E3 2019, fans are hopeful that the game developer could trickle some more details about the much-awaited remake. Are we going to hear the launch window during the E3

For several years, the fan base of the highly-anticipated title "Final Fantasy VII Remake" has been waiting for more official from Square Enix about the game. However, it appears that the famed game developer would like to surprise the fandom during the official release and has chosen to stay silent on anything about the upcoming title over the years.

The leak about "Final Fantasy VII Remake" came from a Reddit user who claims to have picked it up from El Segundo SE branch. The majority of the leak refers to the first part of the game. In vivid detail, the leak claims that the upcoming title will be two parts with the first part ending as Aerith is submerged into the water and everything faded to black. As for the weapons, the leak says that almost all weapons have Materia, while various weapons will not cost ATB charge.

One of the details from the leak that fans are most hopeful is about the "Final Fantasy VII Remake" demo launching at E3 2019. It even stated that PSN Plus users will have access to the demo at home right after the E3 launch. Another interesting leak detail is the redesigning of monsters in the game and the disappearance of some of them like the absence of ghost enemies in the train yard. Tifa will maintain its original outfit but her face will be closely similar to her appearance in the "Advent Children."

The leak also mentioned a new summon in "Final Fantasy VII Remake" called Amarok. This summon is a wolf and aside from damages also causes darkness. Roads and various transportation methods will also be available according to the leak. The Over-world map is seamless with Chocobos and Tiny Bronco still available. Additionally, Sephiroth's appearance is very limited in the game until the Kalm flashback.

While many fans discount the authenticity of latest "Final Fantasy VII Remake" leak, there are several who believe it. They claim that if the details are not true, the hoax leaker really did his job well by going down into the finest details of the game. So far, Square Enix has not yet released any statement regarding the leak.

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