Disneyland Returns Adventureland's New Iconic Sign In Preparation For Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Opening

Disneyland is now preparing for the grand opening of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.
Disneyland is now preparing for the grand opening of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. (Photo: TalkingDisneyPodcast/Facebook)

Disneyland is now preparing for the grand opening of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge by making sure the theme park can accommodate the coming big crowd. As part of the preparation, the Adventureland's iconic sign got renovated and now returned, giving the place wider entryway to improve the traffic flow.

Disneyland's iconic Adventureland sign now returned after a month of renovation. The attraction's entryway used to be snug. Thus, it was often congested with people making their way to the tropical land.

According to Disneyland officials, via Mercury News, the renovated Adventureland sign "reused portions of the entry marquee." The new sign is quite similar to the old one, but it stretches across the entry pathway.

Disneyland crews worked hard and fast to expand the Adventureland entryway and other wide-park projects before the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opening. Called Project Stardust -- a combination of Star Wars and pixie dust -- it overlooks the operations, infrastructure, and crowd management to improve efficiency, traffic flow, and access. All of the constructions are expected to be completed in the morning before the new attraction's opening.

Meanwhile, Disneyland President Josh D'Amaro gave a glimpse to the soon-to-be-opened Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge on Instagram. According to Cinema Blend, Disney has been teasing the new attraction to be the "single largest land expansion" in the theme park's history, and it has been true to its words.

Although Disneyland has yet to open Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge to the public, the theme park has been giving press members sneak peeks of the place. It even recently held a cast member event, showing the whole of the land, which D'Amaro posted.

There were 1,400 people surrounding the Millennium Falcon ride inside the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, proving how vast the land is. D'A maro's snap only showed the starship's surrounding and not yet the whole attraction, thus it could clearly hold a large number of people with its size. The Rise of the Resistance was also not seen in the picture.

The snap also demonstrated how big the Millennium Falcon is. It is a full-sized replica of Han Solo and Chewbacca's iconic starship that will surely give avid fans a full Star Wars experience.

Disneyland is set to open the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge on Friday, May 31. The theme park is expected to be packed with a lot of people, mostly Star Wars fanatic. With its enormous size, the place can surely accommodate a huge crowd, but it is not yet clear how many people the park will accommodate and allow inside to avoid congestion.

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