Taylor Swift Continues To Make 'ME!' A Phenomenal Hit As Seen In 'The Voice' Finale Performance

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie performed "ME!" on "The Voice" Season 16 finale. (Photo: TaylorSwift/Facebook)

On Tuesday, Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie, once again, wowed the audience for their magical performance of ME! during the finale of The Voice Season 16. And it looks like the pair has more to offer up in their sleeves as they knocked out the recent performance yet again.

Following the theme of Taylor's upcoming album, the unnamed TS7, as what most people would call it these days, the stage was set in a full mix of pastel colors and hues. Along with the striking pink and blue schemes, the shining and glimmering stage complemented well the whole magical performance.

The ME! pair's outfits are also on point as the two artists wore matching outfits that brought more life to the performance. Taylor wore a shimmering dress in pink with her hair all tied up in a tail and Brendon donned a velvet maroon coat that surprisingly matched well his pink shirt and pants.

Although it is not as grandiose as what the two have performed during the Billboard Music Awards wherein the audience have witnessed Brendon Urie's flight with the umbrellas, the TS7's iconic huge shimmering butterfly has sufficed their performance in the finale of The Voice.

Of course, this made the whole Swifties fandom a lot happier as they saw, once again, how Taylor Swift magically pulled off the recent performance. And this makes it much more intriguing as to when her new and seventh album will drop.

Up until the recent days, there have been no new updates about the upcoming album. For all the fans know, Taylor remains to be firm with her decision to keep it all a secret until the right time comes.

Quite obviously, this also means that the only things that the fans could get are the hints and clues that Taylor Swift hid in the music video of ME! as well as the other "Easter eggs" she dropped on her latest cover interview with Entertainment Weekly. Hence, until otherwise stated, the fans may continue to decode all of these clues.

While the other fans are now growing more restless as these "Easter eggs" are becoming huge risks for Taylor Swift's new album, the loyal fans still keep up with Taylor's games. And based on reports, it looks like the ME! artist is not yet done with her Easter egg hunting.

On another note, The Voice Season 16 finale also featured performances from BTS, Halsey, Jonas Brothers, One Republic, and Hootie & The Blowfish. And with these performances from the renowned artists in the industry, The Voice caught the attention of many causing for its viewership ratings to rise during the finale.

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