'Legion' Season 3 Arrives Sooner Than Expected, Series Final Installment Features Darker Time Traveling Plot With Professor X

Legion Season 3
The final season of FX's "Legion" is arriving soon. And things are getting much darker for David. (Photo: legionfx/Facebook)

Read At Your Own Risk: This article contains spoilers for Legion Season 2.

It has been almost a year now ever since Legion Season 2 concluded. But even if it was already a long time ago, the dark ending of that installment left a huge mark to its viewers. And it looks like things have changed its course after the finale.

As you may remember, the early episodes of the second season largely hinted that David is going to be the big bad of the show. And while Farouk or the Shadow King has been eyed as the one who will ultimately destroy the world, it turned out that he was the one saving it instead, in place of David.

At last few moments of the Legion Season 2, the show went much darker than expected. And the audience's supposed hero committed something difficult to walk away from. As it happened, he drugged Syd and slept with her, which caused for Syd to feel anger and hatred over what just had happened.

Of course, David was in shock again and fought all over his inner being. He continued his long-running battle with his self whether he is truly a good or a bad person. And it seemed like he is still bargaining over his true identity as David.

Accordingly, this will be where the upcoming and final season of Legion starts its course.

A few days after the second season finale, it has been already announced that FX is renewing Legion for its third and final season. But it is only in November that the production started its filming and shooting which reportedly concluded in March of this year.

With these schedules at hand, the fandom and the critics saw a late October release for its third season. And this is just fitting considering that the upcoming Comic-Con is set in July of 2019.

But while the speculations made total sense to everyone, it had become a shocking yet joyful event when FX released the official trailer earlier this week. And based on the material, it has been finally revealed that Legion Season 3 will arrive on June 24.

As for the plot, it looks like things will be much darker and madder for David. But even so, it has also been pointed out in the trailer that he will try to make amends with himself from the past by traveling back in time. Thanks to Switch's powers, which will help him carry out this plan, the final season will surely be another trippy ride for the fans and the viewers.

There are speculations as well that Professor X, who happens to be the biological father of David, will finally make an appearance in the final season.

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