'The Affair' Season 5 Premiere Date Still Unknown, Final Season Will No Longer Feature Series Lead Stars

The Affair Season 5
Showtime's hit drama series, "The Affair", set to return this year for its final season without its key stars and characters. (Photo: TheAffairShowtime/Facebook)

Read At Your Own Risk: This article contains spoilers for The Affair Season 5.

The Affair has become one of today's critically acclaimed drama series on television. With its compelling twists and storytelling, every viewer becomes more drawn into its course and plot.

With its new season approaching soon, it seems that most of the fans can no longer contain the excitement and eagerness that they have for the Showtime drama. However, it is quite saddening to know that The Affair is now headed on its ten final installments. And what's even sadder is that fact that the release date is still unknown.

The renewal for its fifth and final season was announced even way before the fourth season concluded. And this makes it so much more questionable as to why there is a huge scarcity about its actual premiere date. But even so, there are speculations that it will arrive on Showtime come the summer season of 2019.

But to the fan's dismay, Showtime has already released the schedule for its summer airing. And it looks like The Affair Season 5 is pushed back for a much later release. Accordingly, this caused the fandom to worry if the final set of installments will still make it this 2019. Nevertheless, everyone is still holding on to the promises made by the network that the show will return before 2019 ends.

These points made everyone thought that The Affair would make its premiere come the fall season. And this is just fitting considering that there are still no new updates about the network's schedule for the said season. Hence, there is a huge chance that the hit drama series will finally arrive on during the last quarter of the year.

As for the plot, it has been already unveiled that the final season will take place 20 to 30 years after the things that happened in Season 4. And as you may know, Ruth Wilson's Alison met her surprising demise before the previous season concluded.

And based on the new information given about the show, it has been confirmed that Ruth Wilson and her character will no longer take part when The Affair Season 5 premieres. Along with her, it has also been pointed out that the series will feature new faces as the timeline is now focused in the future.

This is a risky move from production. But of course, if the plot remains to be compelling and impressive, it will surely justify the ongoing course of the show.

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