'Supergirl' Season 5 Might Feature Lex Luthor's Return, Latest Season Finale Sets Up Tone For New Installment And 'Crisis On Infinite Earths Crossover'

Supergirl Season 5
"Supergirl" Season 5 is arriving in October. But will Lex Luthor return? (Photo: TheCWSupergirl/Facebook)

Read At Your Own Risk: This article contains spoilers for Supergirl Season 5.

In January of 2019, The CW Network confirmed that Arrowverse's Supergirl would continue to play its course as the fifth season is already ordered. And since the popular superhero show has always been set to premiere each year in October, it is largely expected for the new season to arrive on the same month of this year.

While Supergirl Season 5 is already on its way to television, the whole fandom is still in shock with what happened at the end of the latest season. As it happened, Lena shot her brother, Lex Luthor and finally met his demise.

But before Lex bid his final goodbye to his sister, he revealed to her that her best friend, Kara, is Supergirl. And this revelation is seen to be a starting point of something sinister for the upcoming Season 5.

Although Lena acted as if nothing happened in front of Kara during the last few moments the fourth season finale, her actions toward the end opened new doors for a possible villain in the upcoming season.

But to whether Lena will be the big bad of the new season or not, speculations and theories continue to arise.

Aside from Lena's suspected new role in the upcoming season of Supergirl, there are speculations as well that Lex Luthor might return as well. And even if Jon Cryer, who played the role of Lex, already shared his supposed final piece on social media after the finale, it seems that his words are not hinting an end to his role.

Another point to look at for these speculations is that the final moments of Season 4 showed The Monitor approaching Lex Luthor's cadaver. Accordingly, it seems that there is a huge plan all along for the villainous character.

Even so, there are no confirmations yet as to what these plans will be. There are also theories that Lex might not return for the new season, but he will instead return on the upcoming crossover episode of the Arrowverse franchise, Crisis on Infinite Earths.

As you may know, the Crisis on Infinite Earths is one of the most-awaited crossover episodes in television history as it will feature all of the series in the Arrowverse franchise. Aside from Supergirl, the crossover will feature the heroes from Arrow, The Flash, Batwoman, and DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

And from what just happened at the finale of the show, it already set the motion for its inclusion in the upcoming crossover episode.

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