AMD Navi RX 3080 To Have 8GB vRAM, 2560 SPs, 256-bit Bus, & 8 Shader Engines According To Latest Leak

The world's first 7nm Gaming GPU is almost here.⁣
The world's first 7nm Gaming GPU is almost here.⁣ (Photo: amd/Instagram)

A leak revealing more details of the specifications of the next generation AMD Navi RX 3080 recently surfaced online. It unveils that the highly anticipated chip that will power the RX 3080, believed to be AMD 10, will have 8 Shader Engines, 8GB vRAM, 2560 SPs, & 256-bit Bus. If the latest leak is true, it only means that AMD is now capable of developing bigger and highly advanced graphics cards, which has the potential to be available in the market soon.

The announcement of the next generation AMD Navi and AMD Zen is scheduled on May 27. However, a few days ahead of the official unveiling, details of its specs surfaced online. Some sources claim that the leaked details belong to the AMD Navi 10 while several others claim that it belongs to AMD Navi 12.

But, regardless of its name, the upcoming chip is anticipated to power the much-awaited mid-range AMD Radeon GPUs. Tech analysts believe that this is AMD's chosen product to go against NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 2070 and GeForce RTX 2060. While the company has not yet confirmed the official name of the product, in this article, let us refer to it as Navi 10 that is capable of powering the RX 3080.

The latest leak was shared by serial tech leaker KOMACHI whose tweet was taken down several minutes after it was posted on his social media account. The leak reveals that the AMD Navi 10 will feature 40 compute units with every unit holding 64 stream processors. The juicy detail about this leak is that the AMD Navi 10 will allegedly feature 8 shader engines. Every engine will hold 5 compute units with a raster backend.

Generally, a raster backend includes 16 ROPs of Render Output Units. So far, it is still not clear if the company will feature 128 ROPs to its AMD Navi 10 or if it is going to trim down the number of ROPs for every render backend. The detail on the shader of the upcoming AMD Navi 10 is crucial since the previous model is unable to scale more than 4 shader engines for every die of microarchitecture.

As a result, stream processors were underutilized in the company more powerful GPUs like Vega and Fiji. Meanwhile, if the latest leak is accurate, it simply means that the engineers at AMD have overcome their limits. As a result, we could see bigger chips with better scaling performance in the future. It is possible to see an AMD Radeon GPU with 4096 stream processor in the future.

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