'The Expanse' Season 4 Picked Up By Amazon Prime After Syfy Cancellation, Series To Drop Full Season Before 2019 Ends

The Expanse Season 4 on Amazon
Fans need not worrying anymore as "The Expanse" is returning this year for its fourth season. (Photo: ExpanseSYFY/Facebook)

Read At Your Own Risk: This article contains spoilers for The Expanse Season 3.

The dramatic turnout of events for The Expanse has become one of the many reasons why a lot of fans are now much more eager to take hold of its new season.

Way back in 2018 during the mid-season premiere of the show, Syfy announced that they will no longer renew The Expanse for a new season. This is apparently because Syfy originally just purchased the U.S. rights of the show's first three seasons. But due to the "confining distribution agreement", as what Screen Rant refers to, the network will not be able to benefit from the show's outside live views for its further installments.

And with this kind of deal, it does not actually make sense at all for the network to renew the show for a new season. As a result, Syfy officially announced that the third season will already be the end of The Expanse for them.

But within just a few days after the announcement, the whole fandom of the show rallied a campaign to save the show from its supposed imminent cancellation. Fortunately, Amazon Prime saw the gem that lies beneath The Expanse and ultimately purchased the rights to the show. Accordingly, the show has been officially renewed just before the third season concluded.

With its new home, thanks to Prime, the critically-acclaimed hit series will be dropped in full season once it premieres on the platform. Hence, the fans could definitely binge watch the entirety of Season 4 when it arrives before 2019 ends.

It has been confirmed already that the new season will premiere at the "end of 2019." But as for the specific date, there is not much information given about the matter. Even so, the platform and the production are very much open to the public when it comes to other details like the plot and cast members.

As it happens, all of the cast members of the show will return for its fourth season. And as for the plot, the new installment will largely focus on the other side of The Ring.

If you would recall, the third season finale of the series ended with the Rocinate entering one of the openings of The Ring. And based on the revelations given by series creators, the upcoming season will further emphasize the things that live outside The Ring including the planet Ilus.

But still, this does not mean that they would leave Earth and Mars behind as the plot continues to tackle the issues between these two planets. Also, many are assuming that the fourth season of The Expanse will cover the fourth book of the series titled, Cibola Burn.

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