'McMafia' Season 2 Premiere Date Pushed Back, New Season Plot Reportedly Deviating From Misha Glenny's Non-Fiction Book

McMafia Season 2
BBC and AMC's "McMafia" is renewed for a new season. But it might not arrive this 2019. (Photo: mcmafiaseries/Facebook)

Read At Your Own Risk: This article may contain possible spoilers for BBC One and AMC's McMafia.

The long wait is not yet over for the McMafia fans. Sadly, the second season of the hit crime-drama television series is still on its way to production. The set just started the necessary preparations as per the recent reports. So, it might take a while before the avid fans could obtain the plot continuation of the pilot season.

There are not many cliffhangers given on the first season finale. And the only thing that has been largely hinted at the end of season 1 is that Alex was able to carry out his devious plan to flood the European market with tons of heroin. But other than this arc, there is not much information given.

Accordingly, it will be very difficult to speculate and theorize things that might happen when McMafia returns for its second season. Even so, there is still an idea that circulates the fandom that Alex's recent achievement might be his stepping stone to eventually and finally rise as a powerful figure in the crime world.

But while this idea is very much plausible in the course of McMafia, little has been shared about the upcoming plot of the series. Besides, almost everyone thinks that there is not much to share yet as the whole production is just starting the set.

One could argue that the books might tell something about the succeeding plots of the show. But this has been omitted already because the series creators revealed that they might deviate from the course of the books.

As you may know, McMafia is an adaptation to Misha Glenny's 2008 non-fiction paperback that carries the same title. Although the plot of the pilot season somehow resonates the first sections of the book, it appears that the next season might include new storylines and arcs that are not seen on the books.

And from the words of the showrunners, Hossein Amini and James Watkins, they want the second season to produce a reactive theme so that they could learn what the fans would like to happen in the show.

For some, this is not the best of all ideas. Aside from the fact that it's too risky, it might cause a lack of identity for McMafia. But in the end, the fans will surely get to the bottom of these things in the coming months.

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