'This Is Us' Season 4 Eyes Fall Season Premiere, Series Creator Reveals Backward Time Plot Layout For New Installment

This Is Us Season 4
NBC's "This Is Us" Season 4 is coming soon. And it will be the show's biggest and most ambitious season yet per reports. (Photo: NBCThisIsUs/Facebook)

Read At Your Own Risk: This article may contain possible spoilers for This Is Us Season 3.

The critically acclaimed comedy-drama series, This Is Us, is reportedly coming soon. And based on the reports about its return, the new season will possibly the most challenging, most ambitious, and biggest installment yet for the show.

As you may know, the storytelling of This Is Us is unique. It has been one of the many reasons why the show caught the attention of many in recent years. And with this kind of twist alone, the show itself entails a lot of challenges already even before the start of the production.

But things will be much more intense for the upcoming season. The series creator, Dan Fogelman, revealed in his recent interview with Entertainment Weekly that the next season would be laid out in a way that will show most of the character's past. So, most of the episodes will focus on several rewinds and replays of the past. And take note that the show will still follow the different time frames for the characters.

Accordingly, the timelines will be messy at the beginning of the new season. Even so, it has also been revealed that these kinds of plot layouts for Season 4 are the very foundations of the third season finale.

If you would recall the last few moments of the previous season, a quick flash-forward scene was aired just before the episode finally concluded. And the future events that have been revealed for the Pearson family left a lot of questions which entirely placed the fandom in a cliffhanging situation.

Of course, the first few episodes of This Is Us Season 4 will not give all the answers. It might take one up to two seasons before the past, and present events catch up to the flash-forward scenes.

Nevertheless, the production ensures the fans and viewers that the next installments will be great treats for them. And based on the recent reports and critics, it looks like This Is Us Season 4 will be a mind-bending installment that will leave the fans thinking upon the conclusion.

As for its arrival, NBC has not yet confirmed its actual release date. But there are speculations that the new season will be dropped during the fall season of this year.

Also, it is worth noting that Season 4 might already serve as the third to last installment of the show. Hence, things will inevitably fall into place for the Pearson family when the following seasons drop on the network.

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