'Claws' Season 3 Is Here, New Season Features Virginia's Return And Desna's Bigger Empire

Claws Season 3
"Claws" Season 3 will be bigger. The TNT dramedy is now set to arrive in June. (Photo: ClawsTNT/Facebook)

Read At Your Own Risk: This article contains spoilers for Claws Season 3.

The long wait is over as the new season of Claws is arriving sooner than expected. TNT has already released the official trailer for its third season. And based on promotional material, it seemingly appears that things are looking up and great for Desna.

As you may know, the second season finale of TNT's hit comedy-drama series, Claws, showed that Desna had been provided with a casino -- thanks to Mandy. But while the final episode appeared to be a win-win situation for Desna and Virginia, the last few moments revealed otherwise.

Just before the episode concluded, fans and viewers have witnessed how Virginia saved Desna from the attempted assassination. And this left the fans in the dark as there are no further updates whether Virginia survived or not.

Quite shockingly, the production already revealed that Virginia would be back for Claws Season 3. And even if the premiere of the new season is still a few weeks away during that time, the network surprisingly gave out this information to the fans of the show.

Even so, Virginia's fate in the upcoming season is still concealed. But surely, the first episode of the third season will fully explore this storyline. Hence, even if Virginia is said to return, it is not yet confirmed whether she'll live or meet her demise, eventually.

Nevertheless, it is still worth noting that the character is one of the fan-favorites. And it could be risky if she will be cut off from the overall plot. But all in all, it is not hard to notice that she is missing one of her eyes. So it is possible that this is the aftermath of saving Desna.

As for Desna, the upcoming season of Claws will emphasize her much bigger and broader empire. Not only that she manages her salon, but she will now look after her newly given casino. Of course, this is great news for her arc. However, it is pretty much given too that the greater the power and authority that she has, the greater the responsibilities that she will carry as well.

Accordingly, it is quite safe for the fans to assume that Desna will eventually face more struggles and challenges as her duties and responsibilities are now much expanded than ever.

Claws Season 3 is now revealed to arrive on June 9, on TNT.

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