Taylor Swift Finally Gives Away 'TS7' Album Name, Is It "Lover?" Fans Present Mix Reactions Afterward

Taylor Swift New Album
The "TS7" era is finally here. And Taylor Swift already dropped the last clue for her new album's name. (Photo: TaylorSwiftVEVO/YouTube)

It has been over a month now ever since ME! first dropped in the circulation. And this only means that the fans are guessing the name of Taylor Swift's new album for a month now as well.

Long before the release of ME!, Taylor already gave a series of hints and clues about her upcoming album. Although these "Easter eggs" are not as direct as the ones she has been hinting away recently, the whole fandom still had a lot of speculations about the album. These speculations are mainly focused on the name of the album, the genre of her upcoming music, and the release date of her seventh album.

But things start to make so much more sense when Taylor Swift released the music video of ME!. As it happens, she revealed that the music video contains a lot of hints and clues about her music and seventh album.

From then on, the fandom became a lot busier to decode what Taylor hid in ME!'s music video. Based on her own words, she admitted that the fans could finally learn the name of the album and the title of her second single if they look closely at the said music video.

These clues gave the fans a few ideas about some matters concerning her upcoming album. In fact, the majority of the Swifties concluded that Me, Kaleidoscope, Lover, and Hearts are some of the possible names of the album.

Although there were no confirmations from Taylor herself, she finally yet surprisingly changed the game when she gave away the name of the album in her recent interview.

Apparently, she gave away the final clue about the name of the album. But while it remains to be a cryptic hint, it is very obvious and direct. She mentioned that the name is mentioned twice in the lyrics and seen once in the music video.

And from these statements alone, the fans have finally learned the answer - it is lover.

The word "lover" is the only word that has been mentioned twice in the lyrics. And by watching the music video, a huge neon sign that reads "lover" is largely emphasized in the course which only makes sense as to why Taylor keeps on hinting previously that the clue is so huge and so visible.

The indication of "Lover" being the name of the seventh album is very strong. But even so, Taylor Swift remained silent about it afterward.

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