'The Walking Dead' Season 10 Updates: Rick Grimes Actor, Andrew Lincoln Returning As Series Director In October

The Walking Dead Season 10
Rick Grimes actor, Andrew Lincoln, to direct episodes of the new installment as "The Walking Dead" Season 10 arrives this year. (Photo: TheWalkingDeadAMC/Facebook)

Read At Your Own Risk: This article may contain possible spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 9.

It has been almost two months now ever since The Walking Dead Season 9 wrapped its course. But long before its conclusion, it has been previously announced that the long-running AMC series is renewed for a new season. In fact, there are already speculations that the tenth season will premiere by October of this year.

Apparently, all new seasons of AMC's The Walking Dead were set to premiere on the same month of the year. So, it is only fitting for the fandom to theorize that the upcoming installment will also follow the same pattern just like what the series did for its previous seasons.

Although it is somehow given that an October release is the most obvious schedule, little has been shared about the specificity of the matter. Accordingly, there are no further updates as to how early or late it will drop on the network in the month of October.

But aside from its premiere and release date, another update about the upcoming The Walking Dead Season 10 that hypes up the fans is about Andrew Lincoln's possible return.

As you may know, Andrew Lincoln is the actor who played the role of Rick Grimes. And any avid fan or viewer of the show knows how his role became the sole foundation of the show.

So when he left and made an exit during the fifth episode of The Walking Dead Season 9, it shocked the whole fandom. And so much more when Maggie, who happened to be one of the main characters in the plot, also left the show.

While these surprising exits certainly shocked everyone, it gave more opportunities for the show to grow more. In fact, the viewership ratings afterward showed a significant increase. But then again, it saddens most of the fans to know that these two main characters already left the show for good.

Nevertheless, recent reports suggest that these two actors will return for The Walking Dead Season 10. Lauren Cohen or also known for her role as Maggie is reportedly to reprise her role when the new season arrives.

But as for Andrew Lincoln, he will not reprise his role as Rick Grimes. Instead, the reports believe that he will return as one of the directors of the show that will serve as his directorial debut.

Of course, it is still important to note that there are no confirmations have been given yet. So definitely, things will further unveil in the following months.

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