'Nailed It!' Season 4: Will There Be A New Season On Netflix Anytime Soon?

Nailed It! on Netflix
Netflix's humorous reality web series, "Nailed It!", might have its fourth season this year per reports. (Photo: NailedIt/Facebook)

On April of this year, the streaming giant, Netflix, just announced that they will be releasing a new season of their comedy reality series, Nailed It!. And a month after, the third season finally dropped on the platform.

Each season of the web series consists of either six or seven half-an-hour-long episodes. But while the construction is too short and limited, Nailed It! has become one of the most popular reality web series of today. Thanks to its humorous and entertaining setting, viewers and fans have definitely enjoyed each episode and season of the show.

Nailed It! Season 3 has just been dropped on May 17 of this year. But since it only housed a total of six episodes, viewers have certainly finished watching them all. Accordingly, there is no doubt as to why most of them are now asking about its fourth season renewal.

Unfortunately, there are no new updates if there will be a new season for the show. But of course, the fans and viewers of the show are very positive that the streaming giant will renew its hit comedy reality series. Besides, there is only a few of this genre in their material offerings in recent times. So, there is a huge chance that a new season will drop in the future.

In addition, it is also possible that the fourth season will arrive this year. This is actually in consideration of the release date pattern that the show provided during its first and second season courses.

The pilot season of Nailed It! first arrived on Netflix in March of 2018. Followed by its second season which featured a total of seven episodes, it subsequently aired in June of the same year. While some of the critics and viewers thought that a third season will be released in the same year, the production and the platform provided the fans with its Holiday! special edition.

It is already well-known today that Netflix announces its renewal and cancellation updates a month or two after the official airing of the series. But since it took almost three to four months before Netflix confirmed the renewal of Season 3, the fans are now hopeful that the confirmation for its Season 4 renewal will be announced anytime this summer season.

But all in all, the reception of the show remains to be good and promising. Hence, it can be quite difficult to assume that Nailed It! will be cancelled for its fourth season.

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