‘Dance Moms' Season 8 Is Finally Arriving Soon, Abby Lee Miller Returns To Pittsburgh Studio With All New Kids And Moms

Dance Moms Season 8
Abby Lee is back and so is the "Dance Moms" for its all-new Season 8 this June. (Photo: DanceMomsonLIFETIME/Facebook)

Despite the chaotic events that happened in 2017 for Abby Lee, she is now up and back for more episodes of the all-new Dance Moms. As it appears, it has been already confirmed that a new season is about to arrive this year on Lifetime.

Dance Moms has become one of the most intriguing and scandalous American reality television series in the industry. When it first aired back in 2011, the show was warmly welcomed with positive reception and feedback. The pilot season garnered an increasing viewership rating as it reached its first season finale. Then, the rest is history.

The show was filled with drama and tension between all the mothers of the kids that Abby Lee Miller instructs. And of course, the disputes did not stop there as the mothers of the kids in the show were in arguments as well with Abby Lee herself.

As Dance Moms progressed in years, the chaos and tension also grew in time. And this caused a lot of problems within the cast and the show. But what made things worse was when Abby Lee left the show during its seventh season to face her charges in prison. Unfortunately, she served time for bankruptcy fraud from July of 2017 up to March of 2018.

And when it was revealed that she suffered from cancer recently, everyone thought that the show has already met its imminent end for good. But of course, these things did not stop Abby Lee from standing up and returning to what she loved the most, teaching and dancing.

Just before the year 2018 concludes, Abby Lee announced on her Instagram account that Dance Moms is returning for its Season 8. And to make things more poetic, she also announced that the show would be back to its original studio in Pittsburgh to which she referred to as her "roots."

The new season of the show will feature an all-new cast. So, the kids and the moms will be all-new faces for the series. And based on the recent reports, the production started filming the new installment in January of this year.

While it has been reported that Abby Lee will be in her wheelchair due to her treatments and medications during the new and upcoming season, everything seems to look good for her and the show as of the time being.

Dance Moms Season 8 is about to premiere this June 4 on Lifetime.

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