BTS Might Soon Break Up To Serve In South Korean Military

BTS Might Soon Break Up To Serve In South Korean Military
The K-Pop boyband BTS might break up or go on hiatus in order to serve their country in the military. (Photo: @BTS_twt)

One of the most popular and eagerly followed K-Pop boybands in the world is in talks of either breaking up for good or going on hiatus for the time being.

There is no denying the success that BTS has had, as attested by their accomplishments even over the past few months. They have achieved so much in the Korean music industry alone and have gone beyond those boundaries to becoming a global phenomenon.

Not only are they way up on the list of the most popular bands in the world. The immensity of fan following they have commanded has gradually skyrocketed over time.

This K-Pop group has broken numerous records for a band of their origin. They are recognized as the first ever K-Pop group to guest on the American television show, Saturday Night Live. BTS is also credited as the first K-Pop act to have performed live at the Grammy's.

And to top it off, they are the first K-Pop group to have been nominated for a Grammy. BTS is really on a record-breaking spree of their own, and it seems like their success is set to always be on an upward scale.

In addition to that, their horde of devoted fans has made them the band with the most Twitter engagements. They make it into the list of trending Twitter topics almost every day. Their fan base is made up of the most adoring and supportive people any performer could dream of or ask for.

So, with this much impact and success in the industry, a lot of interest has been directed at the members, now that news has come out they are planning to either go their separate ways or leave for a hiatus.

In a recent interview, the boyband was questioned by puzzled reporters on their decision to put a halt to their flourishing career. They opened up about their duty to their own country, South Korea.

BTS will be breaking up because of South Korea's mandatory military service. At present, their country requires all physically and mentally fit men between the ages of 18 and 28 to serve in the military forces for a minimum of 21 months.

Their country recognizes a few exceptions. Musicians and athletes are typically exempted from this law. However, according to their country's classification of professions, the band does not fit into the description of the classification mentioned firstly above.

They were further questioned about what effects they think this military commitment might have on them as a group and as performers. To this, the group members answered that, when the call for service comes, they will respond to it readily and willingly.

Whatever effects the break will have on them individually and as a group is a matter they do not want to go into detail for the moment. They want to be able to focus on the present and enjoy what is to come for them before they face their inevitable break up very soon. 

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