‘Sonic The Hedgehog Movie’ Premiere Postponed To February 2020

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The Sonic the Hedgehog Movie release has been rescheduled. Instead of premiering in November of this year, the movie is postponed to premiere in February 2020.

After the movie's trailer was released back in April, fans took to Twitter to criticize the main character's doctored appearance. The human teeth and more muscular frame on Sonic did not sit well with the fans and viewers. And the backlash was long-reaching, just pleading for the entire movie to be redone because of the widespread discontentment on Sonic's new modern look.

Moreover, it appears that much pressure and dissatisfied comments from all over social media sites have bent director Jeff Fowler to concede to the will of these protestors. Fowler declared he would very much want to make Sonic a character that people would love before it is put on cinemas worldwide.

This begged the question as to whether the editors can handle so much work in a few months. There will be a lot of alterations to deal with in the film. Not only towards the recreating and redesigning of the character's appearance but in incorporating as well the new and shinier Sonic into all of the scenes.

This has made the film's editors do this massive job all over again. Not to mention that it would be under such a worrying time constraint.

Fowler, the director of the Sonic film, left a short and cryptic reply to Sonic fans and enthusiasts on his Twitter post. He writes that he and his team will be taking a bit more time than what was initially expected, to make the character just right.

He also promises everyone that his team will address all their concerns and accept the criticism about the character. He points out that their protests and pleas on having some changes applied are loud and clear. And he adds that everyone at Paramount and Sega are entirely devoted to doing everything in their power to improve the character and turn it into one that will satisfy everyone.

However, the aggressive and frank tirades of fans and the director's response in granting them a redo, has slowly become a growing and pressing issue in the industry. This is evident in the recent backlash and online petition of Game of Thrones fans to redo the whole final season of the series.

And although there was no movement to do such a thing in this case, fans have slowly realized just how much power they hold in their hands in matters like this one.

Sonic The Hedgehog Movie will be released on February 14, 2020. 

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