Google Pixel 4 XL Can Still Beat OnePlus 7 Pro With These Features

Is the #OnePlus7Pro your next phone?
Is the #OnePlus7Pro your next phone? (Photo: OnePlus/Facebook)

Google Pixel 4 XL is expected to launch on August 2019, its predecessor, the Google Pixel 3 was beaten by OnePlus 7 Pro in several areas but not in memory management and battery life. While OnePlus 7 Pro can match up with the camera prowess of the Pixel 3, Google's flagship phones could not leverage on this forever. Aside from that, there are other several issues that Google Pixel 3 has. The nagging question right now is how can the search engine giant beat its major competitors in the Android smartphone industry.

Marketing Promos

The landscape of mobile telecommunication industry particularly the smartphone sector is gradually changing. Nowadays, consumers look at the price as one of the determining factors in purchasing their next mobile phones, making it a new battleground for competition. At the moment, it is apparent that OnePlus 7 Pro is winning in this arena. But, what can Google Pixel 4 XL do about this?

The Google Pixel line is definitely one of the more affordable high-end smartphones available today. Since its launch, Google has positioned the devices to operate under the top smartphone makers, Apple and Samsung. However, if the company would like to compete, bringing its cost down could definitely help. Over the years, Google has been offering dramatic price slashes so it is no longer stranger to this kind of marketing promo.

A month after it launched the Pixel 3 was offered at a massively discounted price. In addition, intermittent promos, Black Friday and Christmas deals are available for the flagship device throughout the year. Perhaps Google Pixel 4 XL could also do the same. It is also helpful if the search engine giant could offer bundles for the Google Pixel 4 XL. It can take advantage of its shiny gadgets and other devices with its upcoming flagship phone.

Necessary Enhancements

With the recent brouhaha of Huawei and the US government consumers are becoming less comfortable purchasing Android devices from a Chinese manufacturer with a less established name. In the heat of the issue, some consumers are asking what will happen to OnePlus 7 Pro. The search engine giant can benefit from this issue. But, in order to capture the users and fans of OnePlus 7 Pro, it should have basic enhancements especially with its upcoming smartphone, the Google Pixel 4 XL.

It can improve its memory management problems, which up to this day is still prevalent on its devices despite continued updates. This issue caused the device to be sluggish. Pixel 2 has the best battery life among smartphones with the same power demands.

Apparently, Google forgot about this when they made the Pixel 3. If they want to capture a bigger market, the search engine giant can improve the battery life of the Google Pixel 4 XL. The company should give a special look at battery life, performance, and camera technology, the three major factors that consumers look at when purchasing a new smartphone.

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