OnePlus 7 Pro Plagued By ‘Phantom Touch’ Anomaly

Last week, we organized our #OnePlusPopup events. The European OnePlus community came together and created a wonderful mosaic of the #OnePlus7Pro!
Last week, we organized our #OnePlusPopup events. The European OnePlus community came together and created a wonderful mosaic of the #OnePlus7Pro! (Photo: OnePlus/Facebook)

Not surprisingly, the OnePlus 7 Pro is reaping praises for having a class-leading display technology, boasting of a 90Hz refresh rate that makes for a buttery smooth Android flagship experience. But this early, the same advanced system appears to be encountering serious issues, specifically the so-called phantom touches.

These are series of screen taps that were not prompted by users and the problem, according to BGR, has been documented. There were episodes on the matter reported by users on OnePlus forums and to prove that the problems exist, testimonies have been provided.

In one instance, the reported ghost touches were seen initially on a number of applications then on all apps that have been installed on the OnePlus 7 Pro. The glitch was demonstrated on various durations with some happening for mere seconds and others lasting for minutes. In all the incidents, it was clear that the problem has become bothersome.

"It makes navigating and typing on the keyboard incredibly difficult as the phone thinks you're tapping away on something else," the BGR report quoted one user as saying.

The Verge said the matter has been brought to the attention of OnePlus and the company had admitted that subsequent tests have manifested the technical error. The China-based device maker is currently dealing with the issue but it's unclear if the solution will come via a software update or there is a possibility of hardware corrections.

The OnePlus 7 Pro is touted by its maker as the first of its kind, having an OLED display that can handle screen processes faster and smoother. At the moment though, there is no definite timeline on when and how the fix to the issue will be deployed, the report added.

Nonetheless, OnePlus has assured that the reports thus far indicate of an isolated problem, meaning that not all 7 Pro handsets already out in the market are affected by phantom and random tapping.

Meanwhile, the OnePlus 7 Pro is in the process of absorbing the latest OxygenOS version that was dispatched to optimize the handset's specific display features and to expand on its existing shooting capabilities. Version 9.5.4 of the mobile is now ready to download for global users while those in Europe will be getting version 9.5.5.

When installed, for instance, OnePlus 7 Pro users will find that image quality has been enhanced when in HDR shooting mode. In addition, the OS bump up will improve low light image quality, fix white balance issues, and correct focus issues in several scenarios.

The update also included reconfigurations of the display panel functionalities but it's unlikely that it will address the ghost screen touching problem, which likely will be resolved in another OS update delivery.

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