13-Inch MacBook Pro Vs. 15-Inch MacBook Pro: Here’s Why Smaller Mac Is Better Pick

MacBook Pro (CC BY-ND 2.0)
MacBook Pro (CC BY-ND 2.0) (Photo: Aaron Yoo/Flickr)

Apple has refreshed the MacBook Pro line and for the 2019 offerings, would-be buyers have the option to take home a 15-inch MacBook Pro that is souped up with an 8-core i9 Intel processor. For sure it is a monster laptop by any account but opting for the 13-inch variant seems a more promising long-term investment so read on to find out why.

First off, lugging along a MacBook Pro with the best and the greatest processing muscle that Intel can provide is certainly hard to resist. However, the power packed on such a contraption is unlikely to be fully realized in real-world use. That's because of thermal throttling on Apple's part and for a good reason, Apple Insider reported.

The tech site said the 2019 MacBook Pro with an 8-core chip in inherently limited by two things - an outdated chassis design that was first used in 2016 and the absence of a 10nm process Core chips. These two lacking, Apple engineers are compelled to hold back the performance potential of the top-notch MacBook Pro, and they are doing so for its own good.

So for now, it seems more practical to pick the 13-inch MacBook Pro and there are many reasons that favor such a decision. The most glaring one is the price, according to Business Insider. When the smaller MacBook is the choice, one can realize savings of up to $1,000 that in turn can be used for the purchase of other tech necessities. Or simply hold on to the money.

And to go with the savings is nearly the exact 15-inch package that one can get with the 13-inch flavor - same macOS, nearly identical specs, features and functionalities, and the same battery juice. But with the smaller MacBook Pro comes better portability - smaller and lighter - that in all essence are the key considerations when on the hunt for a good laptop.

Now when the concern is all about power, both in the CPU and GPU aspects, it is the 15-inch MacBook Pro that will win the day. In truth though, power is best optimized and delivers the best benefits in the form of a desktop computer. In other words, if computing prowess is the chief motivation in buying a PC then the way to go is a Mac computer.

The MacBook Pro is a productivity tool that encourages mobility at the same time. In this, it is the 13-inch variant that emerges as the solid pick because it's handier and does the same things anyway that its bigger sibling is capable of doing. All things settled, there are glaring advantages that shift the focus from the 15-inch MacBook Pro to the smaller build, which in this case is the better pick.

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