Samsung Galaxy Note 10 News: High Expectations About The Device Deflated By Samsung Insiders

The highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 10 might not turn out into what most consumers are expecting. This is according to the recent details shared by reliable and trusted Samsung Insiders. (Photo: Samsung Moble US/Twitter)

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is one of the most anticipated devices to be released this year. The South Korean tech and electronics giant has been working on a successor of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and if the expected timeline will be strictly followed, consumers will soon be seeing the highly anticipated device in July 2019. But, while everyone is waiting for the launch, a new leak from reliable insiders revealed that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 might not be as pretty or as impressive as what most of us imagined it to be.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 according to Steve Hemmerstoffer from OnLeaks and Max Weinbach of XDA Developer, the camera design of the device, using their words, is a mess. The issue might be due to the South Korean tech titan's effort of cramping up the 5X optical zoom through a periscope camera, which was revealed a few days ago. In a post on his Twitter account, Weinbach said that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 might look much worse than what most are expecting based on their own respective concept designs.

On his Twitter account, insider Steve Hemmerstoffer was asked by one of his followers if the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is going to be an improvement or a step back of its predecessor. Steve replied that the much-awaited device looks bad compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9's rear camera design. Earlier in April, several leakers also shared their disappointment with the highly awaited device from the South Korean tech titan.

However, unlike other leakers, Steve Hemmerstoffer and Max Weinbach are most of the time correct in terms of insider details associated with Samsung. The distressing question right now that most consumers are asking is, what could have Samsung has done that made the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 looks too awful to these insiders.

There are several rumors a few weeks ago that Apple is going to release a rectangular iPhone to accommodate its camera design. If Max and Steve's details are accurate, there is a great possibility that the South Korean tech titan is planning to imitate this concept design of Apple to their Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Of course, the value of any device is more than meets the eye.

If the recent leaks about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 are true, it is still a powerful device with the next generation storage, higher RAM, and super-fast charging that the company has ever designed in their smartphones. There are also several display enhancements according to other leaks that consumers might appreciate. So far, these are unconfirmed details and it is helpful if you take the information with a grain of salt.

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