Xiaomi Confirms Rumored Redmi K20 Pro Specs, Teases Pocophone F2 Release

Redmi K20 shown off in an official image with psychedelic design and triple camera setup.
Redmi K20 shown off in an official image with psychedelic design and triple camera setup. (Photo: techtablets/Instagram)

Xiaomi cannot help leaking out the final make of its touted flagship killer handsets that will be known as the Redmi K20 and the pimped up Redmi K20 Pro. With the latter virtually confirmed hours prior to the official unveiling, Android fans all the more are hoping that the rumors will turn out correct - that the K20 Pro will become the Pocophone F2.

But before touching on the next Pocophone installment from Xiaomi, the Chinese device maker allowed a preview of the regular K20 in glorious red. The gorgeous finish was seen in a quick video clip, which according to GSM Arena will have a more elaborate presentation at the phone's scheduled unveiling on May 28.

Earlier, the company has practically revealed everything there is to know about the Redmi K20. It will rock and roll with a Snapdragon 730 chipset that will count on RAM support of up to 8GB. The storage will reach a high of 256GB that is only expected for a flagship breed device.

The K20 screen will measure 6.39-inch diagonally with AMOLED panel and embedded on the display system is a 7th-generation fingerprint sensor. As seen in numerous leaks, the last from the Xiaomi video clip, the device is without a notch, achieved in part by Xiaomi's decision to give the K20 a pop-up 20MP front shooter.

Speaking of the camera, the main will be a triple setting and to be bannered by a 48MP sensor that will allow 960fps slow-motion video recording. And to keep the power juice flowing for up to two days, Xiaomi is set to unbox the Redmi K20 with a 4,000mAh battery.

The specs laid out above will be carried over to the Redmi K20 Pro save for one thing. It will be the Snapdragon 855 that will fire up the K20 Pro, and this difference alone fuels the fire of speculations that this device is intended for bigger things by Xiaomi.

One scenario that continues to play out is that the K20 Pro will be a China-only release but a version will hit the international market in a familiar label. When the device makes its way out of China, it will be marketed as the Pocophone F2 and serve as the follow up to the well-received Android gaming phone of 2018, the rumors suggest.

Still, the final say on this will come from Xiaomi. The company is staging an event that will introduce the new products, which supposedly will sell below the $500 mark. If the price point sticks, then truly a new flagship killer is in town no matter the label - the Redmi K20, the Redmi K20 Pro or the Pocophone F2.

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