The Last Of Us 2 Release Date Rumors: 2019 Launch Date Possible

#OutbreakDay is coming. Get a first glimpse of some of the new The Last of Us gear, content, and promotions launching next Wednesday, 9/26 on
#OutbreakDay is coming. Get a first glimpse of some of the new The Last of Us gear, content, and promotions launching next Wednesday, 9/26 on (Photo: Facebook/Naughty Dog)

The Last Of Us 2, one of Sony's most anticipated games for PlayStation may be close to being announced. This is according to recent rumors and a said 3rd trailer to come out this week. The trailer is expected to give out the release date, which fans hope to be in October and some new storylines for the lead characters.

According to sources, Sony may announce a new trailer of The Last Of Us 2 this week with more details about the game. This fuel the anticipation of the fans of the popular Naughty Dog game and makes it even harder to wait for the arrival of the game. However, several rumors and clues have pointed to its arrival this 2019, most probably in October.

On October 2017, Gustavo Santaolalla, composer of the soundtrack, said that his work would be ready in 2019. Similarly, a store in Peru informed his customers last April that the game would arrive in this year. Sony did not comment on this news, but also helped reinforce the idea that the game could truly arrive this year.

Recently the co-director Anthony Newman posted on Twitter that they are almost finished with The Last Of Us 2. Then, he posted job offers on Twitter where he mentions that they are working to "help finish this game faster," and also highlights the position for animator of hand-to-hand combat, which will work on spectacular animations. The studio has been hiring a large number of developers for months, which suggests that they have the target to launch it this year, but it has not been made official.

The Last of Us 2 is the sequel to the acclaimed adventure game developed by Naughty Dog starring Joel and Ellie, who will once again be under the spotlight in this new installment exclusively for PS4. To date, two trailers of The Last of Us 2 has been shown, and a third one may arrive this week.

In the first one, we see Ellie playing the guitar in a melancholic plane and with some thirst for revenge, we do not know very well why. The second trailer of The Last of Us 2 was shown during Paris Games Week 2017. In it, you could see unknown characters being tortured. Rumors indicate that one of those characters is Ellie's mother.

What is confirmed about The Last Of Us 2 is that it will still be available exclusively on PlayStation 4. Every time we have more data about the new generation of video games. The information on the new Sony console is being tied to it as many players wonder what happens with the games that are currently in development like The Last of Us 2 or Ghost of Tsushima. Sony wanted to reassure players on this issue, saying some exclusive games will stay exclusive such as The Last of Us 2, Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima.

This means that Sony is still betting on its current console and, although PS5 will be backwards compatible with PS4, the simple fact that these AAA games are focused on PS4 means that there is still a lot of life ahead of them.

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