Blockchain has been big business lately. Quite the number of establishments had been connecting with blockchain in the hopes of riding the wave of a 'technological revolution' or merely to improve their businesses.

The latest to do so is Zweispace which, according to Coin Geek, partnered with Bitcoin SV as their preferred cryptocurrency.

The Tokyo-based proptech company has built its platform on the blockchain and maintains offices in Singapore and the Silicon Valley in the US. It revealed in an announcement that it had completed a Zweichain or "two-chain" system. The business model it operates under is to track information of real estate titles by providing them with their own private chain to write on.

The current application they are working on will contain various applications such as recording of real estate titles, leasing contracts, and even critical details such as earthquake information (for prone areas located in California or Japan). All of these will be available information recorded on the chain and can also be accessed through the Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

The protect is off to other things as well, particularly in Asia. Zweispace's Japan office has already been acquiring and working on real estate blockchain in Australia and Canada. Once blockchain has been established to be up and running in those countries, PR Times JP reported that the blockchain firm is looking to establish a presence to ASEAN countries the Philippines, India, and Hong Kong, with the inclusion of China and Korea.

Tsubai Space, a blockchain company in Japan credited with the first successful real estate commercialization on the blockchain, is currently in a partnership with Zweispace's different branches. The commercialization is centered on creating a visible real estate blockchain presence not only in those areas but also in the Asian region.

As for why Zweispace chose Bitcoin SV, it was a simple decision for the company; the other factors included scalability as well as low fees on working in the BSV network. The company also provided the most stable protocol out of all the other companies that Zweispace approached; it was reported that the company was the only company with a "stable" protocol as designated by Zweispace.

Zweispace is already bringing a kind of "impactful business model" over to the BSV blockchain, which the latter could integrate. With the kind of real estate data that Zweispace already has, the effect is expected to go two-prong between companies.