iPhone SE 2 With A Brand New Design In 2020

What's your ideal iPhone size? iPhone SE 2 concepts!
What's your ideal iPhone size? iPhone SE 2 concepts! (Photo: iDrop News/Instagram)

In the face of highly advanced and newer models, many would snub their noses on the news of a possible iPhone SE 2 release in 2020. Unknown to many, the handset was a hit in the past, which has surpassed what the Cupertino-based tech giant has projected. Apple CEO Tim Cook highlighted the phone's surprisingly impressive performance in terms of sale. That's why it does not come as a surprise to hear that it will soon have a successor in the market.

In research first spotted by MacRumors, it reveals that Barclays analyst Blayne Curtis claims that an Apple might have an iPhone SE 2 in the works that might be released in 2020. Although the current design of the handset is still dated, the report noted that the second generation might appear with a brand new design. There is a great possibility that Apple might release the iPhone SE 2 with the entrails of the iPhone 8.

The information surfaced shortly after the Barclay analyst finished discussing with some of the suppliers of the Cupertino-based tech giant from abroad. There were also several reports in the past which claim that Apple was in the process of developing a much smaller iPhone to replace the iPhone SE and was speculated to have a name iPhone XE. An iPhone manufacturing unit in India previously claimed that it had commenced manufacturing a smaller iPhone.

Several sources claim that the iPhone XE will sport 4.8-inches edge to edge AMOLED display similar to that of the iPhone X and the iPhone XS. Rumors have it that it will not have a Touch ID and home button but will come with a Face ID. The source also noted that the second generation of iPhone SE will be available at around $600.

The SE in the name of the handset means special edition but the same naming strategy does not apply to the XE suffix since XE means iPhone ten edition. While the claim from India could be true, it is highly unlikely that the smaller iPhone the manufacturer is currently producing is going to be priced at $600. That would be too low given the OLED specs.

The design of the iPhone SE was based on the iPhone 5's design. If it is going to be updated and released as iPhone SE 2 it might adopt the curvy design that was utilized in the models iPhone 6 and higher. The report from the Barclay analyst and the iPhone manufacturer in India are unconfirmed. It would be smart to take these information with a grain of salt.

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