Taylor Swift New Album: TS7 Will Have Political Undertones, New Music Set To Encourage Youth To Fight For Human Rights

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift is reportedly becoming more political than normal as her new music will have political messages to further encourage youth. (Photo: TaylorSwift/Facebook)

It has been more than a month now ever since Taylor Swift has released her latest single. And this means one thing, the new era of her music has now begun, TS7 is here.

But while the pastel hues, butterflies, and rainbows are very much apparent in ME!'s music video, the Look What You Made Me Do singer revealed that these things are not the only ones that make up her music. As it happens, she unveiled that her upcoming new album will largely have political undertones to further help the society when it comes to their voting decisions in every election in the United States.

As you may know, this is the first time that Taylor Swift talked about politics after her last publicity eight months ago. During this time, the pop artist significantly endorsed two Democratic candidates as per People. In 2018, these candidates were running in the midterms elections in Tennesee.

This event largely surprised a lot of people, especially her fans, because Taylor Swift does not do this on a normal basis. Her outspokenness during that time has become the very first that she talked about politics. She even explained that she felt different now about her reluctance to voice out her political opinions.

According to her lengthy post over a year ago, Taylor Swift revealed to the public that she will always root for the candidates who will protect human rights. She also mentioned matters about the LGBTQ rights and all types or forms of discriminations. And anything that will be against their human rights is all wrong. Racism is "sickening" yet prevalent. And people today must do something about it.

Of course, being the famous pop artist that she is, the only thing that she could to maximize her voice, aside from public speaking, is to sing it all out. And quite interestingly, she revealed that TS7 would have "political undertones" as she would not stop from encouraging everyone to be wise when voting.

As of the moment, there are no words yet as to when her new and seventh album will be released. But there are speculations that Taylor Swift will finally drop everything in between July an August. Nevertheless, these are only speculations and theories made by the fans based on the "Easter eggs" that Taylor left on ME! along with its music video. And things will surely unveil itself in the succeeding months.

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