'New Amsterdam' Season 2 Might Not Feature Max-Helen Relationship, Ryan Eggold Shares Insights About Characters In New Season

New Amsterdam Season 2
Ryan Eggold explains why Max and Helen relationship might not happen in "New Amsterdam" Season 2. (Photo: NBCNewAmsterdam/Facebook)

Read at your own risk: This article contains spoilers for New Amsterdam.

It has been a few days now since New Amsterdam concluded its pilot season. And while everyone’s left in the dark, thanks to the pilot season finale’s cliffhangers, Dr. Max actor, Ryan Eggold, gave a few hints about his role for the show’s upcoming second season.

As you may know, New Amsterdam has been already renewed for another installment. So soon enough, all of the fans will finally get them to know what happened next in the plot.

In an interview with Ryan Eggold, the lead star explained a few things about his role, Max, and his relationship with Helen in the series.

If you would recall, Max and Helen have something going on between them. Although no one knows for sure what is happening with their so-called relationship, the fans and viewers are certain that Max feels something for Helen and the other way around.

However, Ryan Eggold revealed that even he, himself, does not have an idea about the real relationship status of Max and Helen. But it is still important to note that Max loves his wife dearly. And that is an important aspect to consider as per the actor.

Accordingly, it is safe to assume that Ryan does not want Max to have an extramarital affair with Helen. But of course, who knows what would happen between the two characters.

It is also worth remembering that Helen is still missing after the crash that happened during the finale. And there are no assurances yet if Helen is still alive. So, what would happen between them is still a mystery until New Amsterdam returns for its second season.

There are no specific details yet as to when New Amsterdam Season 2 will arrive. But if the production decides to follow the same pattern of schedule as what it did in the first season, then there is a huge chance that the new season will premiere by September of this year.

Also, many fans are hopeful that an official trailer or promotional material will be dropped between May and June. But since May is just a few days away before the month concludes, then it might be possible that promotional materials of the new season will come in June or July.

There are reports as well that speculate that Ryan Eggold will write and direct a few episodes for the new season. While there is still a scarcity in validating these reports, the whole fandom is surely waiting for these in the next season of the show.

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