"[Intel's] 10thGen Core chip offers numerous improvements across the board: performance boosts across CPU, graphics, and #AI tasks, plus platform-level enhancements like “Wi-Fi 6 Gig+” that offers
The Intel 10th Generation Ice Lake 10nm CPUs officially launched during Computex 2019 is now shipping, units will soon be available at your favorite stores. The company also announced that by Fall of 2019, they will unveil their next generation Core X HEDT Processors. (Photo: Intel/Twitter)

The mainstream CPUs of Intel dubbed as the Intel 10th Generation Ice Lake 10nm CPUs is shipping starting today and will soon be available in various stores across the globe. As the usual practice, the mobility side begins to ship first enthusiasts and desktop following shortly. Several weeks before the official launch, speculations were rife that the mainstream CPUs could be in trouble. However, all the clouds of doubt were removed when the company unveiled the Intel 10th Generation Ice Lake 10nm CPUs during the Computex 2019.

What's New With Intel 10th Generation Ice Lake 10nm CPUs

The Intel 10th Generation Ice Lake 10nm CPUs feature several sweeping changes. This includes massive architectural enhancements, which is the biggest by far since 2015. The new CPUs sport a brand new integrated GPU, the Gen 11 graphics. If there is no delay or problems along the way, the powerful 10nm desktop processors will be available to enthusiasts later this year. Intel fans are hoping that this, along with other products will help the company to get back on its track with on schedule product release.

Usually, Intel spends an average of a couple years for a top of the line processor. However, with Intel 10th Generation Ice Lake 10nm CPUs it spent over four years perfecting it. The delay of the 10nm though is not likely to affect 7nm processors so long as the company starts using EUV. Over time, Intel has been utilizing UV in terms of multi-patterning strategies to obtain 14nm and lower. But, it recently shifted to EUV, which means that the company will no longer have to go their usual multi-patterning route.

In a fact sheet released by the company, it reveals that there are massive improvements in terms of power efficiency. This is ideal for those who are always worried about their battery since the specifications reveal a 16-hour battery life laptop in the upcoming wave. The overwhelming presence of WiFi 6, as well as the specter mitigations and the 5G, make the next generation of the laptop, ultrabooks, and netbooks an all-day computing machine.

Core i9-9900KS And Announcement of Next-Gen Core X HEDT Processors

In addition to the details about Intel 10th Generation Ice Lake 10nm CPUs, the company also unveiled Core i9-9900 KS and announced the arrival of its next-generation Core X HEDT Processors. The Intel Core 19-9900 KS is an all-core with a turbo clock speed of 5GHz and an extremely high binned version of the famous Core 19-9900K. This is going to be a crazy chip for gamers that want more clock speeds instead of core counts. Meanwhile, Intel also revealed that the next generation of its Core-X series is arriving in Fall of this year. The company did not reveal more details.