‘Big Brother’ Season 21: Is It An All-Star Installment? We Really Think So!

Big Brother Season 21
Upcoming “Big Brother” Season 21 is reported to be the second all-star season. Is it true? (Photo: BigBrother/Facebook)

The CBS’ hit reality television series, Big Brother, is now returning for its twenty-first season. But are you ready to be back in Big Brother's house?

Most of the fans and viewers of the reality-competition series are now eager for the show's arrival. A lot of them are now speculating things about the new season including (especially) the cast and participants of the season.

Just a few weeks ago, no one knew, and no one had an idea about the cast of the new season. But things had changed when Big Brother's host, Julie Chen Moonves, posted an Instagram photo last May 24 that served as a teaser for Big Brother Season 21. And based on the image, the fans saw a little detail in it that caused a huge commotion in social media.

As it appears, Julie Chen Moonves posted an image of herself wearing a black leather jacket as she glides along with her skateboard. At first, the photo pretty seems normal. But looking at it closely, there is a patch stitched on her jacket that reads "All-Stars."

Quite obviously, fans have noticed this small detail and speculated that the new season would be another all-stars installment. And it seemingly appears that the fans are waiting for this kind of installment since the first and last all-stars season was pushed through way back Season 7. So, many of the fandoms thought that this is already long overdue.

The idea of having an all-stars season is exciting and great for the fans of Big Brother. Recent reports claim that the fans of the show were longing for this kind of installment way back in Season 14. And this is consideration of the thought that the production might do it on a per 7-year season basis.

But sadly, Season 14 aired with normal cast members and participants. And the thought of having an all-star season is already long gone. Even so, seeing the patch on Julie Chen Moonves' jacket created a huge impact on the audience. Accordingly, there is a huge chance that CBS might push through an all-stars season when the new installment arrives.

However, it is worth noting that no confirmations have been given yet from both the network and the production. And little has been shared about the details of Big Brother Season 21.

For all the fans know, the show will return with a two-night event on June 25 and June 26, on CBS.

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