'GTA 6' Latest News: ‘GTA 6’ Given A Next-Generation Lift Ahead of Its Official Release Date

‘GTA 6’ Release Predictions Bad News For PS4 & Xbox One Gamers
‘GTA 6’ Release Predictions Bad News For PS4 & Xbox One Gamers (Photo: Skush ™(CC BY-SA 2.0))

"GTA 6" is one of the highly anticipated titles and rumors, leaks, and speculations about its release or details of what it might look like are constants in the fan base. Today, however, is different since one of the talented fans of the widely popular franchise shared a video revealing what "GTA 6" would look like when the innovative ray tracing technology is enabled on the title. A tracing tool developed by modder Pascal Gilcher made the "GTA 6" makeover possible. 

Fans are delighted to see the massive difference between the touched up video and the existing "GTA V." the video shows in-game footage of what the soon to be released "GTA 6" could potentially look like. Ray tracing is a computer graphics rendering technique used in developing an image by tracing the light's path in the image's plane. The effects of its encounter with virtual items are then stimulated.

Next generation game consoles like the highly anticipated PlayStation 5 are expected to support ray tracing technology. If this happens and RockStar Games releases "GTA 6" with ray tracing technology, the result would be a stunning title. Meanwhile, a recent leak stirred up the fans of "GTA 6" lately when it claims that the much-awaited sequel is going to be released in 2020, which is just a few months from now.

This is the same source that suggested that "GTA 6" will be released as a time-exclusive title on the next generation console from Sony, the PlayStation 5. The anonymous post claimed that paid a huge sum of cash to obtain the timed exclusivity of "GTA 6." There is also a buzz of "GTA 6" appearing in the E3 gaming expo 2019, but it is highly unlikely.

Several reports also claim that the highly anticipated game sequel will not be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One because of restrictions of memory. This claim is linked to the previous speculation that the game developer Rockstar Games is going to launch its first-ever massive open-world map in "GTA 6." It further suggested that the game will take place in Liberty City, Los Santos, and Vice City.

For now, these are all rumors and speculations. So far, Rockstar Games has not said anything about the much-awaited sequel to one of the most successful and widely played title in the gaming industry, "GTA V." For now, we will keep on reporting anything new related to "GTA 6."

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