Taylor Swift Just Released Her ME! Music Playlist, Fans Speculate Songs As Hidden Clues For TS7

Taylor Swift ME!
"Playlist By ME!" was announced and released by Taylor Swift earlier this week. In it, 47 tracks are included from various artists across the globe. (Photo: TaylorSwift/Facebook)

While everyone is still waiting for newer updates about TS7 to which others would now call as Lover, Taylor Swift announced last week that she would be releasing a playlist on Apple Music. Later on, she revealed on her Instagram account by using her bitmoji that she has created a playlist containing 46 tracks of her favorite music.

Pun intendedly, Taylor Swift named it as Playlist By ME! which is quite witty and smart considering that ME! is her latest single to lead her upcoming seventh album.

In the playlist, there are over 46 tracks in totality, including artists that are either in or out of her inner circle. But whatever the case, she revealed that these tracks had made huge impacts in her life. She explained that through these songs in the list, her life as of the moment could be summed up.

Some of the artists from her inner circle that made the playlist include Nial Horan, Todrick Hall, HAIM, and Panic! At The Disco which is not entirely surprising as she recently collaborated with Brendon Urie in ME!.

A few tracks from King Princess, Lana Del Ray, Lykke Li, and Ciara are also included in the said playlist. Taylor Swift even revealed in one of her interviews previously that Ciara's Thinkin' Bout You is a song that she listens to every day when she wakes up.

Other prominent artists also include Khalid, LANY, Lizzo, Maren Morris, James Blake, and Adam Lambert, which speaks volume to Taylor's great choice of music.

In addition to these tracks and artists, Taylor Swift also included newbie artists from the industry which is pretty impressive since she has been known to be a great supporter of newcomers. These artists include Gallant, Oliver Tank, and Briston Maroney. And certainly, some people have not heard of them. But since these artists are now on Taylor's radar, it could provide great impact and recognition for them.

It is also worth noting that the ME! artist blatantly shared AJR's lyrics from the song, 100 Bad Days, as a description of the recently released playlist. And she further explained how the lyrics catch the exact sentiments and experiences that she is having as of the moment.

While all the 46 tracks are pretty overwhelming and equally surprising considering that her new album is still undisclosed, many of the fans are now speculating that this playlist has something to do with TS7. And they are all pretty much convinced that it's all part of Taylor Swift TS7 Easter egg hunt.

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