'The 100' Season 6 Episode 6 Returns On Later Date, Upcoming Episode Might Feature Character's Death

The 100 Season 6
The CW's "The 100" Season 6 will return after a two-week long hiatus. A possible death may arrive as well. (Photo: cwthe100/Facebook)

Read At Your Own Risk: This article contains spoilers for The 100 Season 6.

The 100 Season 6 just premiered a month ago and things are becoming more intense than before. When last week's episode, The Gospel of Josephine, concluded, it surprised a lot of people as things are not going well for Clarke. (Or should we say, Josephine?) Well, whatever the case for the two characters, no one knows for sure what will happen between them since they are now sharing one body.

With this kind of turnout of events, it makes the fans so much more eager to learn the succeeding plots of the current arc. But sadly, The 100 Season 6 Episode 6 is set to premiere on a much later date.

This hit post-apocalyptic fiction series from The CW is pushed back for some unknown reason. And instead of airing its sixth episode on June 4, The 100 Season 6 will return on June 11 for its sixth episode, Memento Mori.

As mentioned, the reason for its two-week hiatus is undisclosed. And even the die-hard fans do not have any speculations or theories about its long break. But even so, this does not break the ice and hype of the show. It even causes more hype and excitement as to what would happen next.

While there are no theories and predictions about its imminent break from television airing, the upcoming episode of The 100 Season 6 already has its plot predictions from the fans. And quite sadly, the predictions are not pleasing. And if these things would happen, it is certain that fans would be in an uproar.

It is true that the show is a post-apocalyptic type which makes death pretty imminent and plausible for everyone in the plot. But, it seemingly appears that someone will die in the upcoming episode considering the title of the installment speaks largely of it.

As you may know, Memento Mori is a Latin phrase that means: "remember, you will die." And with this kind of subject at hand, it only makes it more viable that death will arrive at someone in the show.

But of course, these are only theories and predictions. So, it could also mean other things. And shows like The 100 is pretty great in twisting and turning things around in ways that no one expects to. Accordingly, it is still best if the fans and viewers will watch the episode when it arrives on June 11, on The CW.

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