'Elementary' Season 7 Episode 4 Will Continue Gregson's Case, Sherlock Actor, Johnny Lee Miller Directs Upcoming Episode

Elementary Season 7 on CBS
Another episode of "Elementary" Season 7 is directed by Johnny Lee Miller. And fans are expecting for a much more shocking turnout of events. (Photo: ElementaryCBS/Facebook)

Read At Your Own Risk: This article contains major spoilers for Elementary Season 7.

Elementary is back and the final season is kicking it all in. The seventh season is now two episodes deep out of its scheduled 13 installments. And while the premise of the new season is still young in terms of its scopes, the first two episodes already showed how the final season would be far different from the previous installments.

As you may know, Elementary returned for its seventh season with a huge dramatic event during its premiere. And having Gregson shot in the very first episode of the season, it surprised a lot of the fans as this rarely happens in the show.

But of course, this is the finale that we are talking about. Hence, it only fits for the Sherlock-based series to ultimately change its materials and leave the industry with a great mark. And what's even rarer and more surprising is when Sherlock and Dr. Joan were not yet able to solve the case of Gregson's shooter.

This is not a very Elementary material. Digital Spy contends that the commencing plot of the final season gave the series a much even more twisting and surprising events. And based on the words of its showrunner, Rob Doherty, this starting plot will lead the succeeding stories of the season.

In an interview with TV Line, Rob Doherty also revealed that Sherlock and Joan would find Gregson's case very difficult and challenging. This case is much tougher to handle since Gregson is in their circle. So, it is certain that Sherlock and Joan will find things a bit more personal than before.

While Elementary is just two episodes deep in the season, there are already reports about its three succeeding episodes. And looking at the base details, it reveals that the upcoming fourth episode is directed by the show's very own Sherlock star, Johnny Lee Miller.

If you would recall, Johnny Lee Miller has directed several episodes of the series. And each of these episodes has become a real treat to the fans. Accordingly, it is only suitable as to why a lot of people are already looking forward to seeing it soon.

Elementary Season 7 Episode 4 titled, Red Light, Green Light is set to arrive on June 13. As for the third episode, this will premiere on June 6 with the title, The Price of Admission.

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