'Good Trouble' Season 2 Is Coming Soon, Episode Titles And Premiere Dates Revealed As New Season Approaches Freeform

Good Trouble Season 2
Freeform's "Good Trouble" Season 2 is set to premiere this June. And it looks like almost everyone is now ready for the Foster sisters, again. (Photo: GoodTrouble/Facebook)

Read At Your Own Risk: This article may contain possible spoilers for Good Trouble Season 2.

Good Trouble Season 2 is certainly returning for more. With only a few weeks left before its new season's actual premiere, the whole fandom is becoming so much more eager to tune in to the Foster sisters lives.

When the pilot season wrapped things up, it left a few open loose ends to the lives of Callie and Mariana. But of course, some things had already changed when the first season ended. Certainly, the two sisters are no longer new to the life that they recently had in Los Angeles. And so much more when the new season arrives.

Quite given away, the second season of Good Trouble will pick up where it last left off. And based on the official trailer that dropped a few days ago, things will be so much more intense for Callie and Mariana. Also, it seemingly appears that everything will be so much bolder and fiercer in terms of the theme, setting, and plot of the series.

When the first season ended, almost everyone in the plot has an important decision to make. Although they are left off to give way to the new season, the upcoming installment is speculated to finally tie off the loose ends.

The official trailer of Good Trouble Season 2 showed almost everyone in the series including the minor characters in the area. Also, it seems that Dennis and Davia would explore more their relationship considering that Davia looks like she has already fallen for him.

As for Alice, everyone already knows that she's out with her truest self. And knowing what she wanted for herself, this new and genuine identity of hers will certainly be tackled more. Of course, being out in public with her truest self does not mean that she already knows everything in her life.

Meanwhile, newer and bolder things are also on the line for the Foster sisters, Callie and Mariana. When they moved into Los Angeles, the two young adult sisters were taking things slowly as they were still figuring things out for their lives. But this time, it seems that they eventually learned what will work best for them.

For Mariana, she might finally leave Speckulate, which is a new big thing that could happen when the new season premieres. As for Callie, her love interest that she shares with Gael might turn out to be so much more complicated since Elijah is hinted to be back in the picture. So, for sure, there will be a lot more drama and tension.

Good Trouble Season 2 is set to arrive on June 18 with its first episode titled, Percussions. This will be followed by its second episode, Torn, which will air on June 25.

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