LeBron James Having Fun Despite Not Being In The Finals For The First Time

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers-Press Conference
May 20, 2019; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Lakers player LeBron James grabs a basketball at UCLA Health Training Center as he watches a press conference to introduce new Los Angeles Lakers head coach Frank Vogel (not pictured). (Photo: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports)

After not being able to get the LA Lakers back to the NBA Finals, it appears that LeBron James is moving on gracefully from his one of the most disappointing points of his professional career. The "Akron Hammer" is seen these past few days spending quality time with his family and taking some of the biggest names in NBA to dinner.LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers did not make it to the NBA Playoffs this year.

The Finals, which starts this Thursday, pits the Golden State Warriors against the Toronto Raptors. This marks the end of one of the longest runs in the finals dominated by a single player in the history of the NBA.But, the recent posts in different social media outfits like Twitter and Instagram show that "The L-Train" LeBron James does not look too concerned with missing his chance to take a shot at the NBA title this season.

On the official Instagram account of his son Bronny, a video was uploaded showing how excited the 3-Time NBA Finals MVP to spend time with his family for a Taco Tuesday.Aside from Taco Tuesday, Lebron James spent his time by making sure that his skills stay sharp. In his son's Instagram account, King James is seen obliterating a 14-year old aspiring hoop star in a three-point shooting match. Over the weekend, LBJ was challenged by Gabe Cupps, Bronny's teammate, to a 3-point shoutout.

Cupps made the three consecutive shots and missed on his fourth. Lebron James matched his opponents' first three attempts and ended the contest with a fourth bucket. The 3-times NBA All-Star Game MVP also shared the showdown in his Instagram account and even complimented the young player.

Lebron James is also the favorite topic on Twitter where fans recently contributed several notes on the most recent sightings of the NBA superstar. The sightings are mostly in fancy restaurants and clubs along with some of the biggest names in the league. According to ESPN insider Brian Windhorst, this is "King James'" recruiting process.

Kawli Leonard and Jimmy Butler were seen with the NBA superstar over the past week  ESPN's Jordan Schultz revealed that James was spotted at the Club Hyde with Kyrie Irving. He was also seen dining in Nonu in Malibu with Anthony Davis and Russel Westbrook.

All the dining and wining activities of Lebron James these days clearly means something for the whole team. It could be LeBron's way of getting in touch with former teammates or it could mean he is having a hard time recruiting top-tier players in the league. But, it is just admirable to see the NBA superstar having fun instead of sulking at the culmination of his impressive streak in NBA .

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